Researchers Have Found A Drug That Will Kill Every Kind Of Cancer Tumor

I read an article recently on NYPost.Com’s Internet site where researchers indicated they have found a one of a type drug for the treatment of cancer and it will kill every kind of cancer tumor. I was elated to read this great information and I returned back to the site to read it again because of my extreme happiness and with hopes it will work in the human body and possibly a cure for cancer will be found. 

The article indicated researchers believe they may have found the Holy Grail in the war against cancer, they’re calling it a miracle drug because it will kill every kind of cancer tumor it comes into contact with. I wanted to pass this onto readers in case they did not read or hear about this miracle drug. This could be exactly what researchers have been looking for throughout the many years of trying to find a cure for cancer.

According to Science Magazine how this drug works is it blocks the protein called CD47 that is essentially a "do not eat" signal to the body’s immune system.

It also stated the protein CD47 is produced in healthy blood cells and researchers at Stanford University has found out the cancer cells produce an excessive amount of protein; and when this happens, it tricks the body’s immune system not to destroy harmful cells.

It noted too that researchers reserved their observation in their minds and they built an antibody that would block cancer’s CD47 and allow the body’s immune system to attack all of the dangerous cells.

The article stated that researchers has already used the antibody in mice that have human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate tumors that have been transplanted into them. In all of these cases the antibody forced the mice’s immune system to kill the cancer cells in them. Isn’t this amazing – "we may have a chance for a cancer cure?"

The article indicated that Irving Weissman of the Stanford University of Medicine in Palo Alto, California stated, "We showed even after the tumor took hold, the antibody could either cure the tumor or slow down its growth and prevent metastasis."

There is a side effect to this treatment though where healthy cells are subjected to short-term attacks from the mice’s immune system and  it determined that the effect was nothing in comparison to the damage done to the cancer cells.

A $20 million dollar grant was received by the Weissman’s group to move on with their research from the mouse to human safety testing, according to the article.

If this process ends up being a success, a miracle drug will have been invented as a positive treatment for cancer and it will be possible for it to kill every kind of cancer tumor in the human body.


Barbara Kasey Smith is the writer of this article and it has been based on an article appearing on the Internet site NYPost.Com.