Resolving High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Problems

There are unconventional solutions to blood pressure and cholesterol problems.  Blood pressure and cholesterol are symptoms of deeper issues.  Our society tends not to pay attention to their feelings or body messages. 

 We turn to modern medicine for indicators of our physical problems.  This is usually a surface observation or test to label and diagnose the physical signs.  These symptoms are often “wake up” signals of past emotional dilemmas that have not surfaced to leave your body. 

 Diet is helpful; however, it still does not address the root cause. Therefore, your health is still in jeopardy. Relying on medications can suppress the emotional message from your past fearful feelings.  Toxic foods as sugar, drinks as alcohol, or prescriptions/drugs suppress and stuff emotions. This stops that toxic energy from leaving your emotional system even allowing the distress to increase over time.  

 Society is bombarded with fears through television, movies, and the nightly news.  In addition, personal fears affect our lives, especially if you have low self-esteem and lack a sense of security.  Trepidation of accepting joy in our lives creates blockage of joyful emotions to flow. 

 Holistic Health is a wonderful alternative for finding harmony in the body. It speaks to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a whole person.  Addressing the underlying origins for high blood pressure and cholesterol problems becomes necessary for healing.  According to Louise Hay repeatedly high blood pressure is the result of longstanding emotional problems not solved and cholesterol is usually clogging the channels of joy.  High blood pressure is also from the fear of accepting joy, she states.

 When the meridians in your body are blocked by those fears, angers or other negative emotional energies, health is diminished.  According to Chinese medicine, these blocked paths are the reason for our health problems.  Until the negative, toxic energy can leave our bodies, the positive healthy loving feelings cannot replace them. When the blockage is broken up or removed symptoms leave.  Healthiness can return when the fearful past history is resolved. Health is about allowing joyful emotions and a happy future. 

 You were created in perfect health.  Many people find methods that break up the blocked energy in the flow of their bodies.  These options include acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, Qigong, and hands on healing.  In addition, regression therapy can address the root cause and restore your happiness and joy at the emotional level.  Regression therapy and Therapeutic Hypnosis are very effective methods for shifting fears from conflict into a healthy resolution.

 A forthcoming book, “Paradigm Busters", Revealing the Real You” by Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, offers specifics and detailed help to balance your life from a holistic health viewpoint, so the basis of your ills resolve. With a shift, that changes your body into a loving flow, health is restored to its original position.  It is as easy as changing from fear to loving yourself and anticipating joyous opportunities.