Resolving Moles and Warts Permanently the Natural Way

There are a number of skin abnormalities which many people are familiar with and which they can actually deal with when they are unable to bear the cost of a professional medical care.  Two of these common skin disorders – which can be effectively removed permanently by means of a natural way – are moles and warts.

A mole (nevus) is a pigmented growth on the skin.  Since it is known to be of congenital origin, it is usually present at birth.  But moles may also develop in the late stages of childhood or during puberty.  In some cases, they may become manifest only during adulthood.  Most moles appear to be similar in color as that of the surrounding skin.  As time passes, they may increase in size.

Apart from their being unsightly, moles can cause soreness and inflammation of the affected body parts.  Some may even become cancerous.  When a change in a mole becomes apparent, it will be wise to take precautionary measures.  Such measures may include the removal of the obviously-changing mole which is possible even through a non-surgical or natural method.

A wart (verruca), on the other hand, is an excessive growth of some skin structures.  It usually appears during the early years of life and may continue to be present for years in some cases.  Warts appear most commonly on the hands, hairy areas (especially the bearded portions of a man’s face), and neck.

Warts are caused by an organism called human papillomavirus (HPV) which is known to be contagious.  There are at least five known types of warts that are caused by a number of HPV strains:  common warts (often found on the hands and scalp); filiform warts (common in those who are overweight and often appear on the face and armpits); periungual warts (usually appearing around the fingernails); flat warts (smaller than the common warts and appear in clusters on the hands and legs); and plantar warts.  The last type resembles callus and the pain it causes can be so severe.

Most adults who have warts often turn to one of four treatment options:  salicylic acid (an over-the-counter medication); cryotherapy (freezing warts with the use of liquid nitrogen); podophyllum (a caustic drug that must be prescribed by a doctor); and surgical scraping.  All of these treatment methods, however, can cause severe burns, serious infections, or scarring.

There is no need to experience pain or to suffer the ugly effects of scarring when treating skin disorders.  As a matter of fact, there is a completely safe, painless, and effective way to permanently remove moles and warts – a natural method that can liberate you from the pain and irritation of these unsightly skin diseases.

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