ResumeEdge Offers Five Ways to Capitalize on Your Skills on Your Resume and Beyond

ResumeEdge, a Nelnet company and leading online provider of resume writing services, today published a new resource, “Five Ways to Capitalize on Your Skills.”  The certified resume writers at ResumeEdge compiled tips to help job seekers differentiate themselves through resume writing and job interviewing.


“Whether you are changing positions within the same industry or switching fields altogether, there are savvy ways to capitalize on skills that are often overlooked,” said Nina Freier, Director of ResumeEdge.  “These guidelines may seem simple on the surface, but can make a tremendous difference if correctly executed.”


ResumeEdge offers five ways to capitalize on your skills on a resume and beyond:


1.     Don’t underestimate your skills.  Job hunters often forget that their capabilities are unique.  Don’t say, “Anyone can do that,” and leave it off a resume or job application; that can be detrimental.   Not everyone can read blueprints, use Excel proficiently or install software.  Don’t go overboard, but highlight the blend of skills that make you exceptional.

2.     Metrics count!  Skills can and should be measured. Provide detailed records of projects, ideas, and successes in which you were directly involved.  Quantify all accomplishments with dollar figures or percentages and time periods.  Correlate accomplishments with the skills you utilized to make those successes happen.


3.     Your resume order matters.  On your resume, list the accomplishments and job duties that relate to your target position and organize the sections of your resume to highlight your core capabilities first, whether it is education, professional experience, service/activities, or certifications. Include a qualifications section at the top of the resume that highlights your background and articulates what capabilities and experiences you offer.  An online resume builder is available at  


4.     Take the time to study a job description and understand how it relates to your skill set.  One thing that job seekers often ignore is that job descriptions are written with care, often outlining a detailed list of required skills and qualifications.  A smart exercise is to take notes next to each line, drawing correlations between what they want and what skills you offer.  Use these notes to create a resume that illustrates why you are the perfect candidate.   If this proves to be a challenge, enlist the help of a professional resume service, such as those available at


5.     Make yourself visible where you are today.  People often have a hard time identifying references who are able to articulate their skills.  Consider what reports you can craft or ways you can be more vocal about what skills you have and what you achieve in your current position.   This will help in several ways during a job search.


If you need help crafting a resume, ResumeEdge, a company that specializes in professional resume writing services, can help.   The certified resume specialists at ResumeEdge embrace the art of resume writing and are instrumental in the connection between hiring professionals and job seekers.  To learn more about resume writing, resume editing services and career resources, visit