Review of Girlfriends

Girlfriends is indeed one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever watched. What surprised me more is that Kelsey Grammer happens to be one of the executive producers. It seems to be different territory for Kelsey Grammer. When I thought that UPN was promoting Black sitcoms too much, I took a good look at Girlfriends. Each episode had me laughing. I enjoy watching the daytime reruns along with new episodes Monday nights on the CW.


This was one of the very few shows that had survived the merger between UPN and the WB to form the CW Network. Currently, Girlfriends revolves around three women who are pretty diverse from one another. It used to be four women until Jill Marie Jones who plays Toni Childs-Garrett left the show before the start of the seventh season. This is like the African-American version of Sex in the City. However, it’s more cultural and social based. Most importantly, Girlfriends is very funny.


In the beginning, the main characters were going through the trials and tribulations of life. Keep in mind that anybody that’s familiar with politics can easily tell their political affiliations.


Joan Clayton played by Tracee Ellis Ross seems to act as the obsessive and compulsive "leader" of the group who feels that she has to be right. She used to work at a big lawfirm with her friend William Dent. Asides working her professional life, Joan’s main storyline is finding "Mr. Right" or the perfect guy. She tends to sabotage her own relationships with lovers and her friends. At times she alienates her lovers if she doesn’t, she tends to alienate her friends. Also she can be classified as a "classist" that’s prejudice against anything that she deems "lower class" which puts her at odds with Maya due to her background.


Currently, Joan is running a successful restaurant known as the J-Spot a bit risk she took after leaving her position as junior partner at Goldberg, Swedelson, McDonald, and Lee which is one of the best lawfirms in Los Angeles. She pursued what she wanted to do and succeeded.


She’s the epitomy of an unbalanced and slightly psychotic woman. Joan cared so much about finding a man that she missed important events in her friends’ lives such as a housewarming party for Maya, Toni’s custody hearing against her ex-husband Todd, and Lynn’s graduation from college. In short, Joan usually sabotages her own personal life by mainly unintentional means. She can be classified as "center" on the political spectrum because she has liberal views at the same time conservative views. Joan can also be classifed as a "liberal feminist".


Maya Wilkes used to be a single mother who had a son as a teenager. She and her husband get divorced but end up getting back together again. Maya is a true underdog trying to struggle to climb up the ladder of success while being a good mother to Jabari.


Eventually, Maya quits her job as William’s assistant and becomes a book author. The book is titled "Oh Hell Yes" which became a success. With the money, she and Darnell bought a new house after getting back together. Though she’s somewhat still at odds with Joan due to differences in tastes and so forth. She feels that sometimes Joan looks down on her and everybody else along with the feeling all meetings have to be at her place.


Political wise, Maya Wilkes is a Democrat and a devout Christian. Her husband Darnell on the other hand is a more moderate and liberal Christian. What I like about Maya is that she’s not afraid to put Joan in her place when the need arises.


Lynn Searcy is a multi-racial woman. Her real mother is a white woman who suffers from bi-polar disorder of manic depression and a black father. She basically lived like a "white" woman before attending UCLA. Despite Lynn having five master’s degrees, she’s a lazy bum. She moves back and forth living with Joan, Toni, Maya, and William. They basically get sick and tired of it and force Lynn to get a steady job and a place of her own.


Her storyline is mainly finding her independence. She’s still looking for her soul mate. However, of all the four, Lynn is by far the most sexually liberated. Lynn’s pretty much a mooch at the same time a skilled hustler who can find a means to make money. Overall, Lynn’s the laziest despite her high intelligence. Politically wise, Lynn’s a Green. She’s also a vegan like her real life counter part Persia White.


Toni Childs-Garrett though no longer on the show was a pretty shallow and materalistic individual. She only dated guys who had a large amount of money. Being raised on a farm in Fresno, Toni dreaded having to be forced to move back there. In a sense, she was pretty much ashamed of her upbringing. As a result, Toni decided to be superficial and shallow. However, it all changed when she gave birth to her daughter Morgan.


The show’s been running seven years strong. It’s been renewed for an eighth season. What was thought to be an African-American version of Sex In The City, Girlfriends has grown and evolved into something completely different and unique. Yet at the same time retain all of its humor. Girlfriends has won several awards and received several nominations.


Currently, the first 2 seasons of Girlfriends are available on DVD. If you like Girlfriends, get the DVD sets. Also, give the spinoff The Game a chance. It revolves around Melanie Bennett who followers her professional football player boyfriend.