Rhinos Are Being killed For The Horn !!



Assam, India: – The Kaziranga National Park of Assam state is the main center of great Indian one-horned Rhinos. Kaziranga occupies around 166 sq. miles on the southern bank of Brahmaputra River. Kaziranga, although, also contains wild buffalo, Samber, swamp and hog deer wild Pigs and elephants but the one-horned rhinos are the main attraction of the park.


This particular one-horned Rhinoceros is the biggest of all rhinos inhabiting in the world and found only in Assam and foot of Himalayan, Nepal terai. It’s said that the single horn rhino, though, appears to be quite lazy and innocent but if provoked, the single horn on his nose is powerful enough to pierce a Tiger with its power. But it seems that the same power of horn has been getting onto their life. Just few days back the poachers has killed yet another rhino and decamped with horn. That was the fourth rhino killing within span of two month.


According to a report so far, poachers had killed about 645 rhinos between year 1980s to 2007. And it was all for its horn only. Which is rumored to have an aphrodisiac quality? The Assam government, however, is seeking a CBI inquiry into this matter, as to why so many rhinos are being killed by poachers- So late to realize!!