RIL to Break Fresh Ground With Its Three In One Telecom Towers

Indian conglomerate, RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) is keen on launching three in one telecom towers that will operate as streetlights and have video cameras for street surveillance. These 3 in 1 telecom towers will have lightning equipment attached with them, enabling them to cater to multiple functions.

The company is already discussing with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) about its setting up of around 8000 such three-in one-telecom towers in the metros. Following this pilot testing, it may reach out to other parts of the country. It is also seeking support from varied IITs and other institutions for garnering technical knowledge about the same.

Reliance Infotel, its telecom arm, has been the only company in the country to own 20MHz pan India spectrum on 2300 MHz band for its 4G/BWA services. It had opted for usage of optical fiber network in order to provide an increased speed and collaborated with HFCL, for the same. The company also switched from its plan of renting towers to the asset light model where it would set up its own towers, independently. By perching on a low cost model with the base station costing Rs. 1 lakh, many times cheaper than the renting base stations, it would be able to capitalize on the plan. The company’s 4G launch has been highly anticipated all across the country and the news of its launching three-in one-telecom towers will further intensify the anticipation level.

Countries like Zimbabwe, China, and Japan have engaged in testing and trailing of this concept. The agenda behind introducing this tower is to bring down the cost involved in buying space and utilities. However, the introduction of this sophisticated technology will bring a sea- change in the country.

The Mukesh Ambani led company has already completed its 4G testing in Jamnagar along with news of its broadband being based on-time division-long term evolution (TD-LTE) technology. As mentioned by a spokesperson from RIL, the company will not engage in only- dongle route and may consider both dongle and SIM cards. The first trail was carried out in March last year with its next trails being held in August and October.

Speaking about the 4G launch, a source close to the development mentioned that the company is not leaving any stones unturned in rolling out the finest services and does not believe in hurrying with the process.