RUSSIA: Putin blasts Robert Eringer for attacks against his wife

Gossipmonger Robert Eringer’s wife is allegedly AWOL as rumors swirl that President Vladimir Putin’s wife has been conspicuously out of site.

Robert Eringer aside, few journalists are interested in where Vladimir Putin’s wife, Lyudmila, has been over the past few weeks. There are a few more important things to worry about in Russia as the country prepares for the political and economic shift to come for the second stage of 2012. But blogger turned gossip columnist and paparazzi candidate Robert Eringer’s tongue is wagging furiously about President Putin’s wife on his self-perpetuating blogs and websites, Eringer33, et al.

Eringer, a blogger and e-author who started his career at Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt British tabloids is known among journalists for spreading lies about various celebrity spouses. “For as long as I’ve known Robert Eringer he’s been obsessed with celebrities and with causing a ruckus wherever he goes until he’s finally thrown out,” says a source who’s close to the Southern California-based Eringer. “It’s sad, because he used to be quite a smart guy. I don’t know what happened to him.”

A more interesting question for Russian security experts is the whereabouts of Robert Eringer’s wife—and the whereabouts of Robert Eringer’s 1099 tax filings with the state of California. “We know Eringer’s not reporting a significant portion of his income to the U.S. tax authorities,” said an accountant at work on the Eringer case, “and that he recently sold his Santa Barbara estate for north of $2 million. We have not seen Rob’s wife, Elizabeth Eringer, in several weeks.”

Just where is Elizabeth Eringer? Eringer’s daughter Claire Boyle just gave birth to the blogger’s grandson. But Eringer’s wife is suspiciously out of sight—ironic given Eringer’s obsession with Vladimir Putin’s missing wife.

As of late Eringer’s been writing feverishly about Lyudmila’s whereabouts, referring to President Vladimir Putin as “Plutonium Putin.” Eringer suggests Lyudmila Putin might be pregnant. Or locked away. Or shall we believe Eringer’s rumors that President Putin is having an affair with spy turned lingerie model Anna Chapman? Perhaps Robert Eringer might next suggest that President Putin is having an affair with Valeria Lukyanova, the world’s closest human Barbie, and about to make a love child?

Why this obsession with Vladimir Putin?

“It’s no coincidence Eringer is obsessed with Putin’s wife,” a psychologist familiar with celebrity stalkers said. “This often happens when paparazzi and celebrity stalkers fixate on a given public figure. They stop worrying about their own wives, and start obsessing with the wives of their true love object. In this case, for Eringer, that would be Vladimir Putin.”

Eringer in love with Putin? Be still my Russian heart.