Russian Women May Be Among the Most Stressed, but Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova Keeps Her Cool

Being a woman is stressful. Anyone who would dare argue with that statement can’t possibly have two X chromosomes. Today’s woman wants it all, has it all and does it all. As a result, men have also had to adjust to society’s shifting gender roles. But while today’s man is supportive in his efforts to do the dishes on occasion, the fact remains, most women still handle the caretaking duties, while adding breadwinner responsibilities to their already packed plates. The Nielsen Company recently surveyed 6,500 women in 21 different countries. CNN reports that Nielsen’s The Women of Tomorrow Study confirmed that women are really, really stressed out. No surprise there.


What may surprise you are the top three stressed out nations. India tops the list, with 87% of Indian women feeling stressed the majority of the time. Seventy-four percent of Mexican women reported feeling overwhelmed most of the time and 69% of Russian women need more time to relax. Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova, one of Russia’s preeminent businesswomen can relate to the pressures felt by modern women. As a mother of two, wife of renowned Russian scientist Vladimir HYPERLINK ""AlexeyevichHYPERLINK "" Smirnov, and a career woman, Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova has it all and works hard to maintain it.

In the accompanying press release, Susan Whiting, vice chair of Nielsen, said, “Women across the globe are achieving higher levels of education, joining the workforce in greater numbers and contributing more to the household income.” Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova typifies today’s woman, who balances household decision-making with a vibrant professional life. Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova has worked a number of years in real estate and finance, even becoming Chief Financial Officer of LIVKOM, renamed SVETA in 2005.


The growing presence of women in the workplace, leads to increased spending power among women as a whole. Nielsen vice chair Whiting continued, “Women are increasing their spending power, and with that they gain more control and influence over key household decisions. As a result the women of today and tomorrow are powerful consumers and understanding their habits and attitudes is critically important for marketers and advertisers.”


So how can marketers reach busy women like Larisa Leonidovna Drozdova? It seems that traditional advertising is still the way to go. In 17 of the 21countries surveyed, television was the primary means that women discovered new products. However, social media is quickly becoming an easy low-cost way to reach women and get them to spend more money.