Sarah Pender Escapes From Prison, Helped by Guard Scott Spitler

Sarah Pender was serving a 110 year term in a medium security Indiana prison for two 2000 murders. That was until a guard at her prison, Scott A. Spitler, snuck her into his car and helped her escape on Monday.

Sarah Pender was still missing on Tuesday night after her escape on Monday. Scott A. Spitler was a guard at Rockville Correctional Facility, about 50 miles west of Indianapolis, where Sarah Pender was an inmate. He was arrested on Tuesday after authorities learned he was involved with Pender’s escape. Scott Spitler apparently hid Pender in the back of a prison vehicle, drove her off prison grounds and transferred her to a waiting vehicle that took her away.

Scott Spitler could face charges of assisting a criminal, official misconduct, sexual misconduct and trafficking with an inmate for assisting in Sarah Pender’s escape.

Source: FOX News