Scientists looking for green pyrotechnics

 Fireworks now are going eco-friendly too as scientists are working on the next generation pyrotechnics in an attempt to produce new fireworks with much less harm to the environment and human health.

David E.Chaves, a chemist at New Mexico-based Los Alamos National Laboratory told Discovery that the project was initiated by Disneyland, where dramatic fireworks are put on display almost every night. Neighbors began to complain about the smoke which irritates their lungs. 
But smoke is not the first concern, but metals. However, these toxic metals are necessary in producing colors, such as  antimony, which is used for white color, and barium, which is for green. 
Heated antimony can harm the lungs, heart and other organs, while barium harms gastrointestinal tract.
"Everyone at or downwind of a pyrotechnic display is getting subjected to levels of these metals that aren’t natural levels," said Chaves.