Senior girl students ragged freshers in Institute of technology in Kashmir


Srinagar, August 27, (Vijay Kumar) – 26 freshers from different parts of the country who were recently admitted in prestigious National Institute of Technology(NIT) in Srinagar was allegedly ragged by Senior girl students, reports said.

According to a news agency Kashmir Independent Press(KIP), 26 freshers  were directed by the senior students to assemble in Room no 203  where they remained closeted till wee hours.The close door session continued till 1.00 a.m


KIP quoting officals sources that on Thursday more than two dozen girl students of National Institute of technology, Srinagar lodged a complaint alleging harassment/ragging at the hands of senior students inside girls hostel during night.

 During the long session with the senior students the juniors were directed to stick to a typical dress code while attending classes and were directed to apply mustard oil, wear bathroom sleepers and strictly adhere to a dress code while attending classes.

On receiving information  in the form of formal complaints lodged by parents of victimised students local police authorities  in Srinagar swung in to action and raided  girls hostel.

According to KIP, 6-7 senior students were picked by police for questioning and a fine was slapped by the NIT authorities to discipline senior students. Efforts made to contact senior NIT authorities proved futile as others remained tight lipped.