Serbia Warns That It Will Condemn Indpendent Kosovo State

The authorities in the province of Kosovo have said that they will unilaterally declare independence from Serbia in the coming weeks. They have explained that talks with Serbia have made no progress. In response, Belgrade will call for action against those that recognize an independent state of Kosovo.

Formally, Kosovo is still part of Serbia. It has been administered by the United States since 1999. The resolution to condemn an independent Kosovo was approved in the parliament by a 220-14 vote.

The resolution also rejects the European Union setting up a mission in Kosovo before the status of the area is resolved. NATO is also accused by the resolution of supporting the ethnic Albanians living in the area. In Kosovo, they account for most of the population at 90%.

It also says that Serbia might rethink diplomatic ties with Western nations that recognize Kosovo’s statehood. Currently, the United States and several states of the European Union indicated that they may recognize Kosovo’s independence.

Vojislav Kostunica, Serbia’s Prime Minister accuses the US of blocking efforts to find a compromise with the ethnic Albanians by supporting an independent Kosovo.

America is openly striving for the destruction of the international order,” he has said.

Cedomir Javanovic, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party said that it will hurt Serbia’s chances to be a member of the European Union.