Shadows of Life

This article is not about what will happen to the person who has died. This is about us who are still alive and have to carry on this life without them.

How did it, get to be like this?
Alone I sit, thinking the past was bliss
Mistakes I make, alone I must face
Hearts I break, are hard to replace
I was drinking, I wasn’t thinking
I hear my fate sounds like my heart sinking
Life is a test, how did I get this stressed
Swore I’d never let anyone get my best
With love comes pain, I have only my self to blame
For the mistake I made, I’ll never be the same
Every day I pray, make it go away
I’ve never turned to god so hard, with nothing to say
Why should he listen to me now, I’ve never listened to him
But I’ve always kept faith, feared and believed for him to forgive my sins

I’m most sorry to you, loving me and being my girl
But I’ll hide my actions between us in this world
Hopefully we can get past this and grow
But never show anyone till death takes a hold

I can’t end my own life..
Please forgive me in the afterlife!

When someone dies who is very close and dear to us, the first thing we struggle about is how to react and what should we do first? Should we mourn or should we prepare for the funeral? Where should we start from, whom should we call first, how to disclose this news to everyone, many other questions run in our mind at this time. And it’s quite tough to find answers to some of these questions. Our mind is in complete mess at this time i.e. mind says something else and our heart says something else and we get totally confused between whom to choose. This is a real bad time for all of us; at this time being alive we also become a dead body which doesn’t know how to react. It doesn’t matter how daring we are, during this time all our daring goes for a toss.

After someone’s dies everyone is in a shock, and different people behave differently in this situation. Some keep mourning, some keep asking why they were not informed about there sickness, if the deceased person was sick and some will give suggestion an advice on the best alternatives available for the cure of the sickness of the deceased person. And some are those who are always eager to help the family of the deceased not by words but by actions.

The time when each and every relative gathers at the house of the deceased is very amazing, as everyone tries their best to come to the house of the deceased, but still some can’t make it due to some very unavoidable reasons. But when they all gather, they all do one thing and that is, to consol in the best possible way to each other they can do. It is also a good thing in the sad atmosphere as each and every relative and friend try there level best to arrive at the house of the deceased and from other point of view, it is there duty and responsibility to come and give there support to the family of the deceased and also it will be there last chance to see the body and the face of the deceased. This time one should forget about the differences which took place when the deceased was still alive and should forgive them if the deceased have hurt them in any way and should pay there due respect to the deceased. And one should not think of finishing there relationship with the family of the deceased as they need there support very much at this time.

The difficult time for anyone related in any way to the deceased is the time when the hour of funeral approaches. Since it is the time of final goodbye from them for the deceased. And the little scary part is when some of the close relatives have to dress-up the deceased for the funeral, the last journey of the deceased from the earth to their new house called Heaven. And the most difficult part is when thru body of the deceased goes in the grave and get ready to become the dust. As it is said, from dust we came and to dust we go.and the things left behind are the memories and legacies of the deceased. Which the family members, relatives and friends and everyone related somehow with the deceased person have to preserve, so that the coming generations should also know about the person whom they can’t see but that person is still alive in their heart and memories.

In the end almost all of us have lost someone close and dear to us so go through this article and remember your closed ones who have gone to their new home…