Shina Welfare Association

 By Ishu{eye}.

As per the constitution of jammu andKashmir state during the session

1989 some communities in state were specified and decleared as

Scheduled Tribes among the spacified communities like Balti, Beda,

Bot, Bota and our community Dard/Shin was one and was enlisted in

serial no 4. During the session 1991 reservation rule was amended and

some more communities were specified as Schedule Tribe amoung which

Gujjar, Bakerwal, Community, was another and was enlisted as serial no

9. Right from 1989 all the specified communities are enjoying the

benifits of ST status with full honour and dignity but unfortunately

only Dard Shin Community resides in Kangan Tehsil of District

Ganderbal has been ignored and refused to provide the benifits of ST

Status by the competent authority for the reasons best known to them.

More than four thousand families of Dard Shin Tribe are residing in

Tehsil Kangan since 1975. The whole population of Sarbal Village

belong to Dard Shin community resides in this village since before the

partition of the country which means 60 years back. Another

significance is Prang village where some more families are residing

since 1966. The villages like Akhal, Gonchi Mohalla, Check, Nela

Nejwan, Tang chatar , Hayan, Kulan, Wussan, Mamar, Sarbal, Sonamarg

etc of Tehsil Kangan where most people are from Dard Shin community

and they all are being voilated from their rights. However some other

places the people of the same community like Natipora, Kralpora,

Bandipora, Gurez, Tulail, Moujigund, Drass, Rajouri, Chandarkot in

jummu who are fully enjoying the status. Central govt has given the

right that where ever the members of the Dard Shin tribe may reside,

they can get the status of ST under SRO 126 without the tehsil Kangan

every individual of the same tribe enjoys the right said Ab Rahman

lone of Gonchi Mohalla of Kangan tehsil. The poor, deprived and

helpless Dard Shin Community residing in Kangan area got the orders

from Hon;ble Lower and High court of Jammu and Kashmir with the clear

instructions to the Tehsildar Kangan for issuance of ST Certificate

and providing of all the benefits under reservation rules, but

unfortunately the orders issued by the Hon;ble court and higher

authorities are completely ignored by the Kangan Authority said a

local residant of Akhal Kangan from the Dard Shin community. By this

inhuman behavior and attitude of Adminstration the poor and help less

Dard Shin Community is completely demoralised and have lost all the

hopes for betterment of their future generation. As all the member’s

of Dard Shin Community residing in the different Tehsils of state of

Jammu And Kashmir are fully enjoying the status of Scheduled Tribe

with honour and dignity including Tehsil Ganderbal only the people of

Dard Shin Community residing in Tehsil Kanganare refused to provide

the benifits under ST status and the certificate is not issuf by the

Tehsil Kangan. A representation was made to the Hon;ble Chief Minister

of Jammu and Kashmir but he was also helpless in front of his cabinet

and nothing was done said a Dard Shin member of Gonchi Mohalla kangan

Mr Ghulam Mohd lone.

The case bearing OWP 448 of 2002 read with C.M.P No 74202 was also

decided in the favour of the Dard Shin Tribe on 21-09-2005 and in this

regard also the Social Welfare Department issued the circle in favour

of the Applicants of Dard Shin Tribe inhabitants of Tehsil Kangan. But

when the Applicants of Dardshin Community applied in Kangan Tehsil

they were refused and the poor people aggain approached the Hon;ble

High Court of J&K for redressed of their Grievence and the Hon;ble

High court further on 12-05-2010 under case no 3065/13/05/05/ 2010

decided in favour of the Applicants. A local residant of Sarbal

Village Juma lone of Dard Shin community told that"We have visited

every office of Jammu and Kashmir even we did not left any Minister

but every thing goes to vain, know from last 2years DC Ganderbal is

playing hide and seek with us. We did not know why the staus of this

down trodden communiy is being voilated by some unknown political

reasons". A youth of Dard Shin community from Kangan{name with

held}said that"we request once again to the authorities that please

see the matter so that our ill fated community should be pull out from

this mud of vicious poverty by best owing us our basic rights given by

the law. If govt fails to give us our right we may came on roads and

Adminstration will be responssible for any cause".

Demanding immediate attention of the Government, the DardShin

community said"we are disappointed with the state as well as the

district adminstration as they emezzle crores of rupees in the name of

development of Tribes. If the Government continues to ignore us we

will flee back to our mother land in the other Kashmir

Promises of J&K (Indian) government:- ST order 1989 by the President

of India issued wide notification no G.S.R 882{E}on 7th oct 1989 in

Kashmir under S.R.O 129 date 26.06.1994. But the Shina community did

not received any helpfrom Government. The people of Gurez, Tulail

specially Shina community state migrated from Tulail, Gurez,because of

natural wide problems such as floods, fire, uncomfortable life,

avalanches, electricity,Kar gil war in 2002 year and the Kishanganga

Hydal power project which forced us to leave our mother land and our

ancester’s . At present The Shina community is facing their status

problems in Tehsil Kangan of Jammu and Kashmir.The government is not

providing them their Scheduled tribe status (ST)due to some unknown

political reasons.The J&K Indian government is sleeping.The Shina

community demands to get their ST status back."The honorable high

court has given the orders in favour of Shina community, but

unfortunately the administration of Ganderbal and some unknown

politicians are violating our rights"said a dard shin Ab Aziz lone.

With tears in eyes Lone added that"people were forcebly migrated from

Tulail and they are being cheated, why this happens only with the poor

people of kangan tehsil, we lost and left every thing their and even

we could not build our houses here because of advance and

modernization of other people but we try to save our selves by daily

work. We earn some money in whole day and fullfill our basic needs

because we not much land for cultivation. We request our central govt

if you can’t give the banefits then you should not make promises. He