Should I ReallyTake Supplements?

Supplements, Supplements everywhere

Let’s first get the facts straight. There is no doubt that the pharmaceuticals’ are making a great wealth through the supplements specially those which are related to diet. They spend a lot to advertise them claiming as if after eating them you don’t even need to eat food.  Well, are they so much beneficial or the case is completely otherwise and we don’t need any kind of supplements or even to the point that they are harmful for us.

Actually, the answer to this problem lies in the word supplements itself.  The word supplement is meant to be something which is added to complete the whole. It’s an additional feature or at times is there to supply a deficiency.  This means that all the pros and cons of supplements come under consideration when they are used apart from their literal meaning.

Do I really need them?

So after knowing all this stuff we shall move to our main question. Should one really take supplements? Well if your doctor or nutritionist prescribes then it’s a yes. Some people argue that all the minerals and vitamins needed by human body are all found in different fruits and vegetables. So we don’t need them even though our physician prescribes us to take them. Of course they are right, but supplements are the quick suppliers of specific vitamins and minerals which are normally prescribe when there is already a deficiency in your body.

The need of supplements also depends upon the geographical location you are, your family history, your gender, age and many other factors. If you are a muscle builder you should ask your doctor to recommend you supplements that can increase your muscle mass and muscle strength. Similarly if you are a woman you might need iron supplements or if you have a family history of goiter you should be taking iodine supplements.

It’s a fine line.

So it all depends upon the specific needs and requirements of your body. But keep in mind that as the deficiency may result in future problems in your life so is the over doing of supplements.  It is said not to take supplements daily in order that they do not become inefficient. Plus nutrients somehow actually fight with each other for their absorption. For example, if a supplement like selenium (one of the most recommended supplement against the risk of cancer) is taken daily, it may cause diabetes because as it prevents the absorption of chromium, which is essential for sugar absorption.


 About the Author:

Annie is a MBBS Student with a big interest in health businesses. She usually writes about articles related to health businesses and a TV program series called Health Briefs with Terry Bradshaw.