Simplest Recipe to Cure Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is known as Anorexia in medical science. It is a symptom and not disease. It is caused due to many reasons including improper lifestyle of today. Other factors that affect our normal appetite include stress, irregular meal timings, inadequate sleep, smoking and chewing tobacco etc.

In ancient science like Ayurveda, loss of appetite has been precisely described and addressed. Simple homemade remedy helps in curing this symptom from the root. Nevertheless, anorexia may be associated with some serious digestive problem that needs to be checked out. This recipe for such loss of appetite should not be considered as a surefire way to cure.

The digestive system runs on a bio-fuel called "agni" (the digestive fire). In certain cases, the intensity of the fire decreases and this results in loss of appetite (called as "aruchi"). The recipe recommended to help cure this symptom would light the digestive fire and restore the appetite.

Recipe for Loss of Appetite


  1. Small piece of fresh ginger (without the skin)
  2. A pinch of rock salt
  3. A pinch of finely powdered black pepper
  4. Very small amount of asafetida
  5. A few drops of lemon
  6. 1 leaf of the Holy Basil


  • Take a thick vessel to grind the herbs
  • Put small piece of ginger
  • Add 1 leaf of the Holy Basil
  • Grind it well until the juice of ginger is extracted fully & the leaf of the basil is fully smashed
  • Take off the residual of the leaf and ginger leaving juice inside the vessel
  • Add pinch of rock salt, finely powdered black pepper and asafetida
  • Add a few drops of lemon
  • Mix them all well
  • Consume on empty stomach in the morning

The ingredients used in this recipe contain natural digestive enzymes that help light the digestive fire and hence promote the appetite. The best part of this recipe is you can also give this to your children who are very reluctant to take meals. This remedy is safe for the children above 6 yr of age.


  1. Do not take consume this if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above.
  2. For patients with ulcers, this recipe is contraindicated
  3. If anorexia is associated with any serious disease of intestines or stomach, this recipe should be taken under medical supervision


It is important to follow the regimen. Reduce smoking and/or tobacco chewing; better stop it. It has many other health hazards. Try to include green salads and other fiber rich food in your daily diet. Take proper sleep and maintain the meal timing. Reduce oily, junk and canned/packed food and food with chemical preservatives.

Following these simple steps will help you cure anorexia and keep your digestive system healthier.