Socialist Urdu Paper Awami Jamhooriat December 2012 issue online

Friends and Comrades


Socialist Urdu Monthly from Pakistan December 2012 issue is online and available to read or download free. Links are as follows:

July Issue:

All past issues:

Contents of July issue are as follows:

1. Editorial by Abid Hassan Minto – Democratic election, election commission and supreme court

2. Formation of AWP by Naeem Shakir

3. Merger of left in Pakistan – brief by Farooq Tariq

4. AWP Political Education and Training by Akhtar Hussain

5. Evolution of Society by Ameer Hamza Virk

6. Left reborn by I.A. Rehman

7. New party of Left by Prof Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

8. Opportunities and & threats for the Awami Workers Party by Amaar Ali Jan

9. Merger of three left parties by Muqtiada Mansoor Khan

10. AWP, hopes, needs, threats by Maqsood Mujahid

11. Lodhran Demonstration against Israeli aggression in Palestine

12. Enquiry reports and other problems of Pakistan Railway by Manzoor Razi

13. UK Pakistani activists welcome left merger in Pakistan by Pervez Fateh

14. Awami Workers Party Demos against Israeli Aggression

15. Photos of AWP foundation conference

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