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Socialist Urdu Paper "Awami Jamhooriat" ( Peoples Democracy ) Pakistan January 2013 issue online and available at following links:

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Contents of January 2013 issue:

1. Title story – Bloodshed in Blochistan, Brutal killing of Hazara Shias

2. Democratic Elections, Election Commission and Supreme Court – Editorial by Abid Hassan Minto

3. End of Qadri Story by Abid Hassan Minto

4. That Dawn will come from us – revolutionary poem of Sahir Ludhanve

5. Our politics, and their… by Dr Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

6. Allama Iqbal and Muslim Nasaat Sania by Muslim Shamim

7. Constitution evolution in Pakistan – Strategies of ignorance and conspiracies by Ameer Hamza Virk

8. Blochistan Issue – the responsibility of Left by Saba-Ul-Din Saba former leaser NSF

9. Saraiki Issue by Ameer Hamza Virk

10. Hypocrisy on its peak by Farooq Tariq

11. Report of Awami Workers Party Federal Executive Committee meeting by Javed Akhtar Deputy General Secretary AWP Pakistan

12. Organisational report of Awami Workers Party Punjab by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar general secretary AWP Punjab

13. Awami Workers Party London meeting – report by Dr Iftikhar Mahmood

14. Organisational report of Awami Workers Party Sindh province by Bakhshal Thalho general secretary AWP Sindh

15. AWP delegates’ meeting with Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan and Party Registration

16. Awami Workers Party (AWP) Lahore seminar on election reforms and agricultural Land Reforms in Pakistan and AWP legal fight at Supreme Court of Pakistan

17. Awami Workers Party (AWP) condemn Lahore High Court decision to build Kala Bagh Dam

18. Qadri’s long march is attempt to roll back democratic system and postpone elections – Awami Workers Party Pakistan Lahore special meeting

19. Awami Workers Party (AWP) demonstration against owners of Baldia Factory Karachi

20. AWP Jhang district meeting

21. South Asian Peoples Forum Manchester UK meeting by Pervez Fateh

22. Photos of Awami Workers Party (AWP) Lahore seminar to support Land Reforms and Election Reforms fight on political and legal platforms

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