Some people in conspiracy to weaken congress in JK: Vakil

Jammu, February 20,(Scoop News) – Former Minister and Member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil today said that Congress has always stood for the high principals of secularism, amity and brotherhood in the country and same trait is being nurtured and propagated in the State. Vakil said that welfare of people of Jammu and Kashmir and solidarity between various regions is the benchmark of Indian National Congress’s politico-development policy and the party is working in the direction of restoring permanent peace in the State besides ensuring equitable development of all regions and all sections of the society. Congress’s main focus is to develop Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh equitably. He said Congress will ensure that there was no discrimination against any region. Cautioning the people about the communal and divisive forces in the state, Vakil said that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have to stay together and people should understand the designs of such forces and strengthen secularism, unity and integrity of the state. Vakil was addressing a party workers convention at Gandhi Nagar Jammu today which was presided over by senior Congress leader and Ex. MP Janak Raj Gupta.
While addressing the gathering Vakil cautioned workers of those elements who are in a conspiracy to weaken the Congress for their vested interests and said every effort would be made to foil their evil designs because J&K State cannot afford to weaken nationalist forces as it will be dangerous to the political and national interest.

He stressed that strong Congress is needed in Jammu & Kashmir because it is the only party which does not believe in double standards and in exploiting the sentiments of the people simply for voting consideration. It is unfortunate that those whose duty was to work for restoration of peace and to address grievances of the people genuinely are bent upon more in exploiting sentimental issues rather to work for development and prosperity of the state added Vakil. Congress has to play equal role in the development process as coalition partner and a role of team B is never acceptable to the rank and file of the party.

 Vakil stressed upon Chief Minister to focus more on development rather than political issues. It seems the government is busy with politics rather than development works which is moving at a slow pace. He urged the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah that economic issues should not be overshadowed by political issues.

Vakil asked the government to immediately hold the elections to local bodies and municipal committees so that people at grass root level are empowered. The unprecedented delay, he said, was causing great unrest amongst people and it is also against the very policies of Congress.

Besides others who addressed the gathering include Chief J&K Sevadal Balwinder Singh Sambyal, Jugal Kishore Sr. Vice President INTUC, Sr. Congress Leaders, Teerath Singh, Ghulam Nabi Patel, Haji Abdullah Dar and Ghulam Ahmad Lone