Soul Cleanse, A Revival In Poetry!

The entreprenuer mogul Michael McCain is at it again. For the past two days news about Mr. McCain’s new anthology of poetry has been taking the web by storm. Its been the topic of coversation on social media outlets such as twitter and facebook.
Mr. McCain states that with the relase of this book his desire was to bring a message to his readers and to those who passionately love poetry that, "poetry is not dead". Amid all the other creative ventures that people are undertaking poetry is still a force in the literary world.
Mr. McCain recalls his High School creative writing teacher, Mr. Alan Bear telling him that his poetic flavor mirrored that of the late Langston Hughes. Mr. McCain says, " While i love poetry and creative writing, i really believe my calling is to create my own mark. I am humbled that people for years have tried to esteem me with such honorary writers and legands, yet my personal belief was they did it because the world had no yet experience "Michael McCain". With that in mind it is my intention to set my own mark, not to emulate the work of others. While i greatly respect authors i love like Langston Huges, Mya Angelo and Nikki Giovanni its not my intention to write like them".
Upon this release of Soul Cleanse Mr. McCain call it his personal revival of poetry. Mr. McCain reports that after the release of Soul Cleanse, "I felt accomplished and energetic about my career as an Author, I am ready to take on new things". Michael’s anthology of poems are available through and released June 14. 2012. Are you ready for Soul Cleanse?