South America On The Edge Of War?

Venezuela president Hugo Chávez ordered ten battalions to head to the Colombian border in reaction to that country’s military operation against the FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces) that killed two of the primary officials of the Colombian rebels.  Luis Edgar Devia Silva, alias "Raul Reyes" was second in command only to Manuel Marulanda alias "Tiro Fijo".

Ecuadorian president mentioned that his Colombian counterpart, Álvaro Uribe, informed him that the Colombian Air Force and several troops crossed the border.  According to investigations made by the Ecuadorian government saw that Colombian troops went further into Ecuadorian territory than informed.  This obviously was a violation of a sovereign nation.  He did not accept this apology and mentioned vociferously that his government would look towards the international community for support. 

Of course, Chávez sucked it all up.  He mentioned that he was going to support Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa.  In the process he once again happened to take another shot at Uribe by calling him a "liar, criminal, and gangster."  In addition to those comments he also referred to Uribe as ¨the United States´ puppet¨. 

"Colombia is a terrorist state, a subject of the biggest terrorist in the world, the United States government, and all of its imperialist apparatus," Chávez said to applause during his television show, "Alo, Presidente."