Sri Lankan Sinhalese And Tamil Community Celebrate Traditional New Year Tomorrow


Sinhalese and Tamil Sri Lankans all over the world Celebrates their traditional  Sinhala/Tamil New Year Festival tomorrow(14) by taking meals at a single  auspicious time recommended by Astrologers.All Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil People celebrates this new year as the First New Year with peace after the Sri Lankan Military crushed the LTTE Terrorists  who were fought for a separate homeland in Sri Lanka on 19th of May 2009.


People in North and Eastern Provinces who were subjected to harrasment when the LTTE  controled these Provinces too are getting ready to Celebrate this New Year for the first time after three decades with their Sinhalese Brothers and sisters in South.

Taking meals including the traditional Milk Rice and Oil Cakes in a given auspicious time,Exchanging meals with Neighbours ,Visiting relatives and applying special oil in the  given auspicious time are the main events in this Traditional New  Year festival.Meanwhile US Secretary of state Hilarry Clinton too issued a Greating message today on the Sri Lankan New Year Festival and praised  Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil Communities for celebrating this new year  in a peaceful enviornment first time since three decades..