Subconscious Healing, Dance and Performing Arts

Meet Jessica

The Ups:  Child Prodigy Ballet Dancer, Symphonic Musician, Vocalist, Lead Collegiate Cheerleader, Model, Aerobics Instructor, Honor Student, Loving and Devoted Mother of Three, Actress, Choreographer, Director, Highly Talented and Creative, Intelligent, Sexy, Strong Drive, Big Heart, Moneyed.

 In short: Beautiful Redheaded Bombshell (The Full Package)

The Downs:  Physically, Emotionally and Sexually Abused, Strong Subconscious Charges Creating Victimization in regard to Enmeshment, Control and Manipulation, Dark Past Life Karma, Eating Disorder, Depression.

In short:  Tough Issues and Karma to Work Out in this Life

The Path:  Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Development, Advanced Psychic Attainment, Healing through the Arts, Real Love.

In short:  A Truly Charmed Life

Today is Jessica’s 40th birthday and she’s the lead female dancer in the Chicago regional theater play, Singing in the Rain.  The place is packed.  It’s funny how performances with the 20-something-looking Jessica still draw a crowd.  From a storied career starting at a prestigious dance school in New York, to performances in Off-Broadway shows and Chicago theaters; it’s hard to believe at 40, she’s still at the top of her game.

From previous injuries, she was taking hormones to keep her body functioning and the dance dream alive.  The only problem was, she couldn’t feel her muscles tonight and she had to dance full out.  No matter, the show must go on.

Half way into the performance she could tell something was off.  The hormones were effecting her response time.  She just didn’t feel right in her body.  No time to stop now, she would just have to push through it.  Here it comes…the next big move…Jump…Spin…Jump…Snap!

The audience gasped as Jessica hit the deck shrieking in pain.  No one was sure if this was real or just part of the performance.  A few moments of very awkward silence passed until one of the cast members grabbed a phone to call an ambulance.  Jessica’s knee was completely blown out.  Curled up on the stage floor, tears began to frantically fall; not from the excruciating physical pain but from a pain that ran much deeper.  She knew her dance career, the love of her life, was over.  That’s when Jessica started to die.

Fast forward ten years.

That’s when Jessica came back into my life.  I say “back into my life” because we went to the same high school.  My buddies and I would joke about Jessica when the first dance of the year came around.  “Are you asking Jessica to the dance?”  We would just roll our eyes and laugh.  We all knew she was way out of our league; and she was.  She ended up transferring to a fancy-pants dance school on the east coast, never to return.  Bye-bye Hicksville.  We all knew she was going to be a movie star or something like that.

A few years back, I was making a big marketing push when Facebook first came out.  I was contacting anyone I could even remotely remember to be friends.  Jessica was one of them.  I was shocked to hear back from her.  She said she looked at my webpage and noticed I was a Subconscious Healer.  She said she was very impressed and wanted a session.  She would be coming over from Chicago to visit her folks who lived north of Seattle.  Why not try a session?  Plus, another 90 minutes north would be a good temporary break from her parents.

When I first saw Jessica I couldn’t believe it.  She had put on about 80 pounds and had a slight limp.  She looked at least 15 years older than she was and I could tell by just one glance, she was fighting mightily with depression.  Clearly, this angel had taken a huge tumble.  It was so sad to see after all these years.  I literally almost started weeping.

Then she began to tell me the horrors of her life.  Being a beauty icon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In fact, I felt ashamed of how I judged her in high school.  If only I had known what she had been through.

Because she was discovered early on as an artistic prodigy, her talent was the focus of her upbringing.  She didn’t have a normal childhood.  She was always off to the next concert, rehearsal or performance.  Although she loved the arts, she felt like she grew up isolated and alone; always the beauty princess outcast.  She was often bullied and teased at school and even beaten once, just for the way she looked.

In college, she had a boyfriend from a very prestigious family of doctors.  The only problem was, she would later find out, he was violently psychotic.  After their six-month relationship ended, he started stalking her.  He was always lurking around the next corner, parking garage or hallway.  He left threatening letters, notes and phone messages.  She finally had a restraining order put out on him and began to document everything.  Every day she feared for her life.  She eventually had to get a police escort to accompany her at school.  With all this daily terror going on, she was still able to pull a 4.0 at school.

Then one night while she was in bed, there he was.  He had broken in though the balcony door.  She was horrified, then violently raped.  She was certain she was going to be murdered.

Somehow, she survived.  A few years later, she ended up marrying another man she felt continually manipulated and bullied by, although not physically this time.  They had three great kids but almost divorced after the first few years.  Her husband had a near-fatal accident during the divorce proceedings (a very high drama affair where Jessica actually saved his life), and at that point, they decided to reconcile for the sake of the kids.

All the while, Jessica was going full tilt in show biz when her knee blew out.  During her recovery, all of her suppressed emotion started to surface; horror from years of abuse, anxiety from being constantly manipulated, unworthiness from being recognized as only a beauty object, and victimization from being used her entire life.  Combine all that with the ending of her beloved dance career and you can imagine what happened.  She sank into a very deep hole.

She started having anxiety attacks, she got hooked on depression medication and diet soda, she gained an enormous amount of weight, she was stuck in a marriage that died a decade ago, and some of her behavior was out of control.  More than one day passed when she couldn’t get out of bed.  Living was a massive burden and one not wanted.

When she came to see me, the life force was already starting to drain from her body.  I had worked with a lot of cancer patients by that time, and she was certainly a candidate for cancer.  The amount of suppressed emotion she carried inside could have easily grown into a tumor.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if she died within the following year.  She had really hit bottom.

In our first session, there was plenty of material to work with, so I picked something obvious; anxiety attacks.  I’d had plenty of previous success helping people overcome anxiety attacks because they were so easy to recognize in the body.  When I began to take her into relaxation, I noticed something very unusual.  She went under…very deep and very fast.  It seemed like she almost went out of her body.  I had an inkling she may have some natural, in-born spiritual talent.

The session went very well.  She had a very profound experience and actually felt the anxiety leave her body.  I gave her a check list of things to look for after the session, to help develop her level of awareness.  She booked another session on the spot for the same time the following month.

The next time I saw her, I was astounded once again, this time for the better.  She had lost at least 20 pounds and dropped about 4 inches.  We didn’t even work on weight loss in our previous session!  She said it felt like she shed an emotional layer and the weight just dropped off.  She also quit depression medication and diet soda, cold turkey.  If that wasn’t enough, she met a new male friend who understood spirituality.  Oh, and did I mention, her episodes of anxiety attacks disappeared! (She had one more small anxiety attack three years later but was able to release it with her own newly developed spiritual skills).

I had worked in the subconscious long enough to know that when you give it direction, it will go to work right away.  But Jessica was phenomenal.  I had never seen so much initial success with accompanying side benefits from just one session.  She said much of her success was the result of making the decision she still wanted to live.

Over the next year, she continued to see me about once a month.  She had lost about 75% of the weight she had set as her goal.  Her spark for life had been rejuvenated.  She was working out in Pilates, strengthening her knee, and actually dancing again!  (A doctor told her a year before, even if she had a full knee replacement, she would be lucky to walk normally again.  Wrong again, Doc!).

Her relationships were also improving.  Through a past life regression, we were able to release some very dark violent energy that appeared to be the cause of all her repeating abusive relationships.  She filed for divorce and began the process of redefining herself and her boundaries in a very healthy way.  She learned to stand up for herself, to recognize and avoid manipulation, and to protect herself.  The creepy kind of people she had been attracting the majority of her life just vanished.  The relationship with her parents also improved significantly.

She was finding out who she was and started to bloom.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  She was rediscovering dance, this time as a teacher.  She learned to incorporate healing into her dance classes to help people heal similar areas of difficulty she had experienced.  Her health was being restored.  She was in a relationship with a man she truly loved and who recognized her for who she was on the inside.  Life was rapidly improving and her spirituality was growing too.

Jessica had a natural connection to God she experience frequently as a child when she danced.  It was always there.  Dance to her was always a moving meditation.  As she began to heal and grow, she was able to restore this connection and incorporate it into other facets of her life.  Over the course of our sessions, she discovered a very keen and sharp intuition.  In fact, she grew to be flat out psychic.  Her channels of communication opened widely to the other side.  She discovered numerous guardian angels and guides she could access for guidance and information.  The more she learned to trust her gift, the more her gift sharpened.

She also developed the art to manifesting, better than anyone I have ever met.  She would visualize something she desired, ask the Divine for help, and…boom…she’d have it within a week.  A house, an office, money, people to connect with.  It was uncanny.  It was almost like she could just snap her fingers and things would appear.  I have to admit, I was a bit jealous.

Last I heard from Jessica she was opening a new dance and performing arts studio, combining it with healing arts.  She still had to watch out for her knee but as she put it, “I can still dance full out for someone my age”.  Her body wasn’t quite where she wanted it to be, but it was very close.  She looked great.  Her spiritual relationship with her “Twin Flame” was still going strong and the two of them seemed very interesting together.  If that’s not enough, she also landed a supporting role in a major Hollywood movie.  I can’t wait to see it.  But above all, she was happy.  You could see it in her eyes, especially when she danced.