Taj Mahal means `pride of the palace’


Three hundred and fifty years ago, there lived in india an emperor called Shah Jahan. He had a beautiful personality and good intelligent wife, who he loved very much. Her title was the great queen Mumtaz Mahal. Its shortened form,  Taj Mahal means `pride of he palace’ . it is a great wonderful old  palace.

In the year 1630 this beloved wife of the emperor died. He decided out of love for his wife Mumtaj Begam to built her the most beautiful arcitechture tomb that had ever been seen.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan gathered the best artists and fine architects from India, other countries Turkey, Persia and Arabia to design the building. It then took more than 20000 people working over a long period of eighteen years to build the Taj Mahal, perhaps the most beautiful buildings in India.

The building itself stands on a white marble platform 29 meters suqure and 6.7 meters high. Minarets or towers rise from each of the four corners. The Taj Mahal itself soars another 61 meters into the air. It is an eight sided building made of fine and nice marble. It is inland with twelve kind a of semiprecious stones in floral designs as well as with black marble inscriptions from the book Quarn. The building materials came from various contries including Arabia, Egypt and Tibet and a many parts of india.

As deforestation is going on pollution is increasing.