Taliban Announces Permanent Ceasefire in Swat Valley

Mingora– Both Pakistani security forces and the Taliban have agreed to a permanent cease-fire.


After long negotiations, Maulana Fazalullah, the head of Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat chapter, appeared on his private FM radio channel from an undisclosed location.


Maulana Fazalullah welcomed the Nizam-e-Adl accord and labeled it a great achievement.


He said that the Taliban in Swat valley have fought a defensive war that was only for the implementation of Sharia. He added that there were no foreigners were fighting in Swat valley but just the locals and now the media and people will see that.


At last, he said, due to our sacrifices the Nizam-e-Adl (Islamic Judiciary system) has been implemented in Malakand division. He made an appeal to fighting groups not to sabotage the peace process and assured the government of his full support.


He added that the Sharia was ‘our dream come true’ and that it is our constitutional right. "It is part of Pakistan’s constitution and Pakistan came into being on the basis of Islam and Sharia."


The Deputy commissioner of the Malakand division, Syed Muhammad Javed, spoke to a press briefing and asserted that families that migrated from Swat valley to other parts of the country,should come back.


He assured them that they will be properly compensated by the government besides taking the full responsibility of their safety.


US special envoy, Richard Holbrooke spoke to the Pakistani officials on phone and expressed concerns over the Swat accord.


Life seems getting back to normal in Swat valley where the boys’ schools are reopened and all the markets were open today.

A spokesman from the private schools’ association said that the girls’ schools will be opened after the successful negotiations with the Taliban in Swat.