‘Terror Tag’ Cop Demanding Bribe of Rs.150000 Suspended

Thanks to CPM member of Parliament Mohammad Salim for unlocking the plight of Milan Molla’s family which ultimately got justice when the ‘Terror Cop,’ who demanded Rs.150000 from Milan Molla’s family, was suspended from the services of Kolkata Police after a swift enquiry within three days of lodging the complain by the flame buoyant MP.

An officer of Calcutta Police said that Prasanta Mazumdar, a sub-inspector of the special staff port division was suspended after the internal enquiry revealed that he demanded the bribe as alleged. It was also found in the enquiry that the said cop, to pressurize (read terrorize) Milan into submission, picked him up from his shanty on a petty theft charges to extort money, so much so that Milan was released on bail only when his mother Anwara Bibi paid a first installment of Rs.35000 to the tainted cop.

To hush up the case, after it was taken up by MP Salim, the unnerved cop Prasanta, along with another officer, went to the house of said Mollah and requested him to take back Rs.35000 from him and withdraw the case, which was lodged at the instance of Salim. The family, bolstered by the backing of Salim, however refused to oblige. Milan said that the officers would think twice before harassing and extorting poor people like them in future. His mother was nervous that the cops might target his son in future and implicate him in another case.

The case relates  to  an  accidental  blast  on 3rd August this year when a shell that was brought home from the bank of river Hooghly by the brother and cousin of Milan that killed four of Milan’s family  including  his  younger  brother,  two  cousins and  a  granduncle, when the youngsters tried to brake open the shell. That very night police investigations cleared Milan Molla’s family of any terror link and termed the case as purely accidental, by non other than the Commissioner of Calcutta Police.

Taking advantage of the accident, a police officer of SSPD department picked up Milan on fabricated theft charges on 6th August and demanded Rs.150000 or a ‘terror tag’ on him. Frightened, Milan’s mother Anwara Bibi somehow arranged for Rs.35000 as first installment and paid it to the Cop to get his son released on bail. It is here worthwhile to mention that Milan runs a tea stall and also occasionally deals in scrap. It is for the scrap value that the shell was brought and being broken.

If convicted by court the suspended cop is likely to get at least 3 years in prison plus fine apart from losing his service.