‘Testing the Spirits’ is a Roaring Argument for the Truth

Testing the Spirits: Exposing Dark Sayings & Embracing the Light of Jesus, by Sabin Geyman, takes a distinctive place amongst the Christian apologetics books of recent years. With 344 pages, 28 pictures, and 56 pull quotes, it is substantial and sure to quench the appetite of sleuths and fact-hounds alike. Testing the Spirits draws out the premise of 1 John 4, a section of the New Testament that encourages people to try the spirits to see if something is of God or of the Antichrist spirit.

With that premise in mind, Geyman has assembled solid rebuttals to moral relativism, Darwinian evolution, the New Age, humanistic psychotherapy, and interfaithism/ecumenism. The range of research definitely sets this book apart, and it is not for the faint of heart. In addition to these core apologetics sections, there are good discussions on the importance of Biblical knowledge and discernment, national security, Bible prophecy, China, and Israel. The geopolitical thrust presented is that the US, and the West in general, should stand with Israel and against Communist China.

While the subject matter is serious, Geyman draws on his journalistic background to add a certain bounce and flair, making even heady prophetic issues accessible and interesting. Salvation of souls is kept in mind throughout, as Geyman has continually pointed back to relevant Scripture verses and emphasized the urgency of fearing the LORD and receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Testing the Spirits: Exposing Dark Sayings & Embracing the Light of Jesus is an unblinking look at society as it is. In spite of raising some alerts regarding the prowling lion that is the enemy (Satan) the emphasis is on coming into the goodness, salvation, and light of the Lord Jesus Christ–indeed, the Lion of Judah.