The 10 Best Films of 2012

 1) Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Directed by Timur Bekmambetov

2) Native American flash mob hits Tacoma Mall, submitted by Marisa Petrich

3) Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Directed by Bruce Sinofsky & Joe Berlinger

4) I Cry, Flo Rida, Directed by Marc Klasfeld

5) Louise Wimmer, Directed by Cyril Mennegun

6) Shepard & Dark, Directed by Treva Wurmfeld

7) Magical Mystery Tour Revisited, Directed by Francis Hanly

8) Electrick Children, Directed by Rebecca Thomas

9) Lincoln, Directed by Steven Spielberg

10) The Avengers, Directed by Joss Whedon



[Every year, I see around 10 movies, then arrange them into a "10 Best" list. This year, I only saw eight (Paradise Lost 3 & Louise Wimmer actually being made in 2011, for which I apologize). Native American flash mob and I Cry are videos. I saw Electrick Children, Magical Mystery Tour Revisited and Shepard & Dark at the Woodstock Film Festival.]