The advantages of online marketing

                      It is a fact that online marketing is a powerful marketing strategy of which many marketers have been successful in the online business but the people in online marketing should also know certain advantages and disadvantages of this marketing.  No doubt there are many advantages for online marketing but here are few.

                    The online marketing is one of the good source to send a concept to the large number of audience using electronic mailing but the marketing also requires feedback from the audience so that we can make the marketing easily.  It uses the different marketing technologies to communicate many audience.  It uses particular search engine to get more and more traffic.We should make use of social communities and social networking so that we can send a message to particular person or a group.  It also uses referring technology so that a person can refer any site to any person in the world.  It not only uses this but also he can make others to show an add to others so that he can make money.

                       We can also make use of certain articles so that we can market certain articles to get the views and by this we can earn money based on views by the visitors.  This also helpful for earning  more and more monet