The Anointed

The pitched battle is finally over. All the brickbats that were thrown in both camps were already put behind them. Just because they are both Democrats who couldn’t afford to lose their party’s well established ideology and mass appeal, that is.

Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton-two personalities seeking history in the US political arena-had finally settled down after clearing the thick smoke of tongue lashing campaign riddled with ballistic tirades which nearly split the Democratic Party. So, after those long and weary campaigns, the Democrats ended up with their best nominee.

Barack Obama clinched the party’s approval. He was anointed to lead and bring down and completely kick-out the remaining GOP in Washington D.C. this November. The charismatic Obama, as the pundits wants him to portray, is riding high on his new found popularity. His battle cry reverberates across the US of A, and that is the word “CHANGE.”

That change is what Obama will try to do right after his oath taking in the Whitehouse as the next US President. May be his first order of the day is to pull-out all US troops in Iraq and leave the country in civil war and absolute chaos. Completely pull-out all GIs in Afghanistan so as to allow the return of repressive regime of the Taliban.

To have an audience with Iran’s President. Present his credentials to North Korea’s Kim Jong IL. Meet with Cuba’s Castro and kowtow with Hugo Chavez on the issue of oil and South American politics. Because the Democrats are peaceniks, President Obama will somehow meet with terrorist organizations without conditions.

President Obama will just allow carnage to continue in Darfur, Sudan and elsewhere in the world. Of course, he will leave alone Robert Mugabe to terrorize his own people and let Zimbabwe to suffer under the rule of terror and misery. For this, I join the millions of Obama supporters around the world to celebrate his clear victory in November. OLE!!!