The breeding grounds of flamingos, pelicans and avocets

The desert peninsula of Kutch where the people speak Gujarat, through with varying vocabulary and accent. while it has its own dialect which is akin to Sindhi. This is explained not merely by its contiguity with Sindhi but also by large -scale migration of Sindhi people in the past.
Rann of kutch
The Great and little Rann of Kutch are the breeding grounds of flamingos, pelicans and avocets. The flamingo colonies form a dramatic canvas-great splashes of pink and white against a blue sky. The Great Rann of Kutch is also the home of the now rare Indian wild ass, protected by the government to prevent its total extinction.

In Bhuj there are some interesting temples, museums and other places to see. Besides, it is known for its mirror work embroidery, ajarak prints on cloth, artistic silverware and nutcrackers of all shapes and sizes.

Yes, it is a fascinating land.Get to know it once and you will want to know more. Gujarat grows on you.