The Changing Of God’s Chosen People


MATTHEW: 21: 33-43


Most Christians are probably familiar with the “Parable” related here by Jesus, but have you given any consideration to the meaning behind the story? And, how does your interpretive understanding of this holy scripture agree or disagree with others, keeping in mind that God Himself has a particular interpretive meaning behind the story too.


As I was reading it again in preparation for “Palm Sunday or Passover” I was given a very special interpretation to this story, an interpretation I believe is from The Holy Spirit. This is why I have chosen to reveal it to you. The Holy Spirit revealed an analogy of how the jewish nation was seen in the past , and how it is seen today, where by it was once favored by God but is no more.


I am not going to quote verse by verse the scripture we are discussing. I would hope you would get your Bible out at sometime and give the scripture we are discussing a read, to see if what has been revealed to me in it applies as you read it.


( God Plants a Vineyard ) We look to the past to find the beginning. We have to go back in time a few thousand years, before Jesus is even born in order to see where it really begins.


Almighty God through Moses delivers the Egyptian captured children of Israel, out of Egypt, and after 40 long years of wandering in the wilderness finally guides them to the “Promised Land” God claims these people as His children and sets them above all others as His chosen people.


The Hebrew people become God’s vineyard seeds planted to grow and expand. He tends their needs cultivates them prunes away the dead branches, through His word, His teachings, His laws making Moses, Aaron, The Levite Priests, and Joshua as the ones tending the vineyard caring for it growing it up ready for harvest.


Now we will Fast-forward Jesus story to the time of Jesus Ministry. The vineyard is near ready to be harvested, as is evidenced by the many miracles performed by Jesus and the power of his teachings and parables.


During Jesus three year ministry through His examples and teachings, Jesus begins to gather to himself not just his loyal apostles, but also many disciples true to Him and His teachings. This group of followers would later become known as Christians.


The priests and High Priest Caiaphas, The Pharisees, Herod Antipas and Pontious Pilate the Roman Governor are beginning to get worried that this man named Jesus might be far more than he seems.


The popularity of Jesus is witnessed by the powers that be, as Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey and the people flock around Him throwing palms onto the ground, hailing him as their King, as King of the Jews. Caiaphas the High Priest realizes that Jesus must die, just as the son of the householder of the vineyard died in Jesus Parable.


Out of their fear the Jewish Priests find away to get their hands on Jesus and then manipulate a trial in their favor, infront of Pilate, and orchestrate the appearance of a mob crowd to get Pilate to do their bidding for them and crucify Jesus which he does.


Jesus is crucified, but low and behold through the power of almighty God He is resurrected, thus fulfilling all of God the Fathers past prophecies, recorded by His many prophets.


Jesus is handed the reins of the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus knowing who had really turned against Him, the Jewish people, and their priests, takes away Almighty God’s favoritism for the Hebrew nation the people who had betrayed Him and gives his approval to anyone who would follow His ways His teachings as taught by Him to His apostles and disciples.

Now Jew or Gentile Roman or Greek or Persian or Syrian, anyone who would accept Jesus Christ was considered favoured over all. Jesus grafted all peoples all nations to His withering vines inorder to create anew, a new order and a new covenant with all man not just the Jews who rejected Him as their God.