The escalating conflict and the test of post Arab spring leadership.

Once again the Gaza strip of Palestine is under the deadly assault of Israel’s aggression as their fighter jets and naval vessels continue to pound bombs and missiles on Gaza both by air and sea to eliminate the leadership of Hamas, which they claim is responsible for the intermittent rocket attacks on their so called territory. Right from the day one of surgical strikes on Gaza, Israel has taken a hard stance that they reserve every right to defend and take action against those armed groups which are constantly posing a threat on their national security by attacking with the advanced indigenous rockets having range even to hit the Tel Aviv. Amid the appeals of ceasefire and diplomatic pressure built up by the neighboring Arab countries to stop this barbarism and heinous crime against humanity, which has yielded so far nothing but the death and destruction in Gaza. The unfettered and unmoved Israel is Turing a blind eye and deaf ear to such appeals. Due to the arrogance of power and all-weather support of US, the Israeli response has always been tyrannical, repressive and paramount to the stifling of voice of innocent Palestinians like warning the Hamas of a possible ground attack which can further deteriorate the situation in Gaza. As compared to the 2008 situation when the Middle East was run by the notorious autocratic regimes, which from dawn to dusk of their power remained loyal, faithful to the USA and West and virtually worked as their satellite states ­­– have never ventured across the line of protest like condemnation and emergency meetings. But if the Post Arab spring leadership fails to match its rhetoric with action, then they too can lose creditability and faith quickly in the Arab world. It’s the first testing time for Muslim brotherhood which is in power in Egypt and Tunisia and being as a mother organization of Hamas to play a crucial role along with Turkey to diffuse the crisis diplomatically without any further escalation of violence. In this context Egypt is mobilizing all the channels of diplomacy and influence to thwart further fatalities in Gaza and bring both the parties on the table.  The political bravado displayed by the Egypt by sending its prime minster to Gaza followed by the Tunisian foreign minister’s visit to show solidarity with the oppressed people send a clear message to the west that the new post Arab spring leadership is going to respect the sentiment and aspiration of the people for which they were enshrined to power.   

The besieged people of Gaza and the limited resources of their government except their determination and firm resolution is no match whatsoever to the internationally groomed and funded force.  The latest Israeli butchery against the helpless and unarmed people of Gaza have once again manifested their archaic cruel and barbaric policies on which they are working covertly and their unending honeymoon  with the US and West can now transcend the whole geo politics of region. Because the escalating conflict in Gaza has confronted President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt with a wrenching test of his commitments — to his fellow Islamist group Hamas and to Egypt’s landmark peace agreement with Israel. But with Israel increasing their attacks and a possible ground operation looming, Mr. Morsi finds himself in a tighter bind. As Egypt’s first freely elected president, he faces popular demands for a radical break with former President Hosni Mubarak’s perceived acquiescence during an Israeli assault against the Palestinians in 2009. But at the same time, Mr. Morsi desperately needs to preserve the stability of the cold peace with Israel in order to secure Western aid to bring stability of Egypt’s tottering economy. Aware of his divided loyalties, both sides appear to be testing him. Hamas, the offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, is pushing to see how much support it can draw from its ideological big brother now that it governs the largest Arab state. And Israel’s hawkish leadership seems determined to probe the depth of Mr. Morsi’s stated commitment to the peace treaty as well.

Mr. Morsi has so far taken diplomatic steps by recalling Egypt’s ambassador form Tel Aviv and sending prime minister on a solidarity mission to Gaza was just to show his displeasure with Israel. He even appealed to President Obama, the United Nations, the European Union and the Arab League to try to stop the violence and ordered to open Egypt’s borders; hospitals to Gaza residents injured in the clashes and offered military helicopters to transport them. According to the Egyptian state media reported that Morsi along with the top brass army generals inspected the air bases and ordered to prepare land defenses near the Gaza border. He has not, however, threatened to provide military support to Hamas or direct action against Israel.  These responses appear to be appreciated by the people of Egypt and even his rivals, including the former presidential candidate Amr Moussa, have commended his actions.

Tunisia on the other hand is also toeing the Egypt’s line when they too dispatched their foreign minister to the Gaza to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and send a strong message to Israel that on the Palestine issue the new elected Arab leadership is united and can’t allow Israel to commit genocide of innocent Palestinians. As we know in both the countries Muslim brotherhood is in power and during their election campaign Palestine issue was the top priority on their political agenda. Unfortunately the   remnant Arab despots are still in deep slumber and the ongoing internal political crisis in their kingdoms can anytime deprive them from power have restricted their protest to the mere formal condemnations. The once known as the roaring lion and the ultimate divine kingdom of Muslims, Saudi Arabia is in complete self-denial because of his old hostility with Iran and  its weak foreign policy.  However Turkey is eager to join the league and fill the void of Arab leader but her compulsions to join the European Union is making Tayyip ErdoÄŸan little bit circumspect, watchful and his approach towards the Israeli aggression apart from romantic statements have been more diplomatic than diplomatic as they shared on the Syrian crises.

Tailpiece: Mere statements of sympathy, symbolic field visits, and diplomatic activities that are being showcased to address the aggression on Gaza will not scare Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, who launched the attack for electoral purposes and to challenge the Muslim world that we can bleed you with thousand cuts now and in future at our will. Thus it is both testing time as well as golden opportunity for post Arab spring leadership especially to Muslim brotherhood  to stand tall and live up to the expectation of people and put an end to the killing and bloodshed of the Palestinians which is jeopardizing the peace and stability in the Arab world. The Egyptian government has to be the first to do this in order to set an example for Arabs and must force and recognize Israel, if you have to sever diplomatic and commercial relations with this cruel entity that we do not accept this aggression against the innocent people of Gaza.