The Fading Ideas of Young Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and Venture Capital Firms

Pakistan is enriched with Human Capital and IT Professionals . The It Industry in Pakistan is booming but the only thing hampering the budding Entrepreneurs is the Venture Capital since Ideas get birth but die due to lack of financial resources . Very Few Entrepreneurs in Pakistan Make their way out in the world of Scare resources .


There are few examples of successful Entrepreneurs who have been able attract the International Venture Capital or Private Equities to get their business backed with .The Popular and Successful Website in Pakistan is ranked as Number one Career Portal of Pakistan Being run by Naseeb Networks a venture Capital backed Company owned by Mr. Monis Rahman, President and CEO Naseeb Networks. Other ventures of Naseeb Networks include , and .


So far only three Companies engaged in venture Capital but their Ventures are still invisible the Venture Capital Companies include TMT ventures Limited ,TRG limited focused on IT only and AMZ ventures . The world is concentrating on Venture Capitals since venture Capital backed companies boost job market and put positive affect on Economy of the country but in Pakistan , the Tough laws of SECP for Venture Capitals ,limitations on Investment ration and lack of Investor Friendly policies has made the disappointing scenario for the budding Entrepreneurs .


Our neighbour ,India has experienced significant progress in Venture Capital based business specially in It and E-marketplaces and the Indian Entrepreneurs have been featured on the Renowned Magazines and their Business has Developed from Zero to the Level of Recognized Companies of the world since these Entrepreneurs has concentrated on their idea or business plan and their Startups got success as financing was provided by the Private Equities .


It is high time for the government and Private Equities to come together to support the Future Entrepreneurs to establish companies like Yahoo , Google , You tube ,facebook and Twitter , It will only be possible ,if Venture Capital based Environment is created and Entrepreneurs could easily back their Startups with venture Capitals to grow more and stand in the row of more developed and successful companies of world like google , Adsense , Blogger , WordPress , Facebook and Twitter which has really influenced the lives of the people all over the world .