The Fruits Of God’s Gifts

As I discussed in another writing concerning God’s Gifts, which we all receive from God’s Holy Spirit, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Fortitude, Piety, Fear of God, and Counsel. These every man receives in a measure according to God.

There are also six very special fruits derived from these gifts. These special fruits or gifts are shared out by the Holy Spirit. These special fruits are only activated by God’s Holy Spirit as needed within us they are too precious to be wasted by not being put to good use.

PROPHESY:The ability to receive from God special spiritual knowledge and informationpertaining to the future of man and God’s permission to reveal and share this knowledge at a particular time known and chosen by God.


HEALING:This is a special power given by the Holy Spirit. Usually as humans and as Christians we associate this with a physical manifestation of the power to heal. Someone having a special touch given by God to be able to heal miraculously, and indeed these exist, but there is also mental and spiritual powers of healing, healings whereby simply through prayer and the sharing of God’s word someone suffering mentally or spiritually is saved from their torment. God employs scientists, physicians phsycologists, dentists to serve him in the healing process for many human ailments, but He also selects people who can heal by prayer, or a touch, or a timely word from His Word the Bible. Thru God we might also manifest a spiritual form of healing whereby our words, our compassion heal a spirit.


MIRACLES:Every day, God is performing miracles such as the birth of a child. But God will ask His children to demonstrate a miracle too. Such miracles as when a child or an adult is trapped let’s say under the wreckage of an auto accident, and someone close to that person finds super human strength and power to be able to free the one trapped.


DISCERNMENT:This is a special gift whereby one has the special ability to discern things through keen powers of perception, insight, judgement, recognition. One might call it intuition, a sixth sense. The special part of this gift or fruit is the accuracy of that person’s ability and power. This is the Holy Spirit manifesting God’s abilities to know and share what He knows.


SPEAKING IN TONGUES:This is a very special ability given to but a few. It was evidenced by those with the apostles on the day of Penticost when it was noted that all of the apostles were able to speak in the various tongues of the different countrymen of many different nations, but there is also a very special gift of this whereby certain people are given the gift of being able to speak in God’s tongue a tongue only God and angels can hear and understand. This is a very rare and special fruit of the spirit not often shared.


INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES:This gift or fruit is the most precious and guarded of our Holy Father’s gifts or fruits to be distributed and shared by God’s Holy Spirit. The receiver of this gift is given the very special ability to hear, understand, and interpret thos special utterings from God Himself. Only a few, along with the apostles would be given such a gift. To be able to hear God’s word, fully understand, what God is saying, and then be able to interpret God’s word so that all man can know is a truly special gift.


These special fruits of the Spirit are carefully shared with special people who God knows will use them wisely to do His will. These fruits of God’s gifts are not made manifest in everyone as the gifts of the spirit are.