The Historic Fashion Show in Peshawar took Place




The Historic Fashion Show in Peshawar took Place

PESHAWAR: The tense and modeling-starved the youth of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) witnessed a fashion show at Sheraz Arena Hall Peshawar, which was organized by Iqra National University (INU). The fashion show was aimed to be a platform for the young designers to show their skills in fashion industry.

The organizing members of the fashion show said, the aim of this second annual fashion show was to provide entertainment and awareness about fashion trends in the city, organizers claimed that this was the first fashion show in the history of Peshawar in which the famous designers and models from Lahore and Karachi were invited.

A well famous designer, photographer and host Naveed (known as Toney) said, the show was tremendous and he was unexpected such response from the people of Peshawar, he further said, that he was shocked to saw the amazing talent of the students in the field of fashion industry, he said that the credits goes to the faculty of INU to organize this type of fashion shows and hope that in future he will be happily participate such concerts if invited.

One of the super model and anchor of Pakistan “Natasha sheikh” (known as Naty) doubled the enjoyment to hosting the fashion show. Naty said, that although she often visited here and participating fashion shows but “for me to hosting this fashion show in Peshawar like city was a challenging job”, she added.

A variety of models invited from Lahore and Karachi walked on ramp to presents the collections of Peshawar belong young designers, most of the designers were the current students of INU while some were the past students of the Organizing University.

Models Faiza Ansari, and Maha, from Lahore said, that its honor for us to invite and performing in this anticipated fashion show we will never forget the response we received from the people of Peshawar. The young designers are full of talents they just need a platform to groom their skills and make place in national and international fashion industry, they added.

Sophia Khan model from Karachi said, she was really scared when she calls for participating fashion show in Peshawar, but now I am so happy to look the response from the audience and the talents of the students in fashion designing.

Total 10 models were invited from Karachi and Lahore city. All the models appreciated the audience response and said that this type of fashion shows should organize in future.

A young designer from INU Aman said to Lead Pakistan, that this was our second annual fashion show and we were great appreciated from the audience. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our collections in the front of well known designer Toney super model Natasha, he added.

I am feeling so proud that all the invited models liked my collection and my own designing dresses, Laila, the student and fashion designer of INU expressed her views to Lead Pakistan.

“The display of young fashion designers will promote fashion trends and new designers, as there are many upcoming in the city,” said Adeela a designer from INU. “While, the crowd, “that came to the hall was most interesting in a dinner rather than fashion show.”

A numbers of other student-designers of INU were presents their collection dresses which were very liked by the invited models, the models thanked to the young and talented designers and hope for their bright future in field of fashion industry.

The university voice chancellor Syed Ather Abbas Zaidi while giving a shield to the chief guest Toney said, that in Peshawar city this type of shows never took placed in history, all the organizing members as well as the faculty of INU are pretty happy for the success of this fashion show, they attribute the credits to the people of Peshawar who’s have been limited to their houses for a long time due to insurgency and law and order situations in the city.

 Writer Raham Yousufzai