The Holy Rapture Of The Faithful

This is a topic that few Pastors, or Priests, or Ministers, or Evangelists, if any want to discuss or try to deal with, while talking to,either in a sermon, or with members of their congregation, their flock, or, one on one. 

Many Pastors and Evangelists alike, steer away from this topic because they cannot decide whether they believe or should teach a "Pre-Tribulation" or a "Post Tribulation" Rapture.

Really it is so simple if one stops to think it through. It would make no sense at all for Jesus to wait for the Tribulation to end to recall his faithful, therefore a "Pre-Tribulation" Rapture is the only way for any loyal Christian to be thinking.


God’s Holy Spirit says, it must be discussed, it must be dealt with, openly, so that all can come to an understanding of the importance and the seriousness of what will transpire and how it will be recognized.

One reason why they avoid this topic, is the ambiguity in the timeline in the chain of events, although the Holy Bible clearly states it. First the dead in Christ will be summoned forth, and then the living in Christ will be gathered up, to be follower by the Great Tribulation of seven years.

I know not why I was asked by the Holy Spirit to relate this subject to anyone, I only know that I have been asked by God, through, God’s Holy Spirit to relate it to anyone who will willingly listen, and can share it with others.

What ever the reason God desires this to be shared. His Will Be Done!

The Holy Rapture: The word "Rapture" never appears anywhere in any Christian’s Holy Bible. Yet the Holy Bible, in both the New and Old Testaments, does discuss it.

"RAPTURE" According to the Webster’s Dictionary is defined as: a state of being carried away; carried away in body or spirit.

The Holy Bible relates to us that there will come a day, when Jesus will dispatch the angels of heaven. First they will visit the graves of the dead both on land and at sea, seeking out from the dead, all who are faithful followers and believers in Christ, and they will be raised up to be with Christ in paradise.

Now comes the part of the rapture that is scary. It won’t be so scary for the believers in Christ, the Faithful, but, it will become very scary for many of those who don’t believe in Christ and have no faith.

Why you might ask will it be so scary. Well just stop and think of it for just a moment.

Let’s say you are on a flight from Toronto to New York, now you as a Christian, a true believer have nothing to worry about because you will be summoned to join Jesus in paradise, but what happens if the pilot and co-pilot are summoned with you at the same time. Who’s going to fly the plane and land it safely?

Maybe your wife and kids are riding on a subway train, headed downtown, they get the call and so does the subway train driver, who’s going to drive the train?

Maybe you’re on the golf course with three of your buddies having a game of golf, and as you are about to tee off, poof, you’re called up to Jesus in mid swing and your buddies are left wondering what happened, where you disappeared to.

How about you’re by yourself driving 70 mph. down the highway and suddenly you get the call from Jesus. Who’s going to stop your car before it maybe kills someone on the highway?

If you are not yet a "Christian" yet, and your sitting on the fence about whether or not you should join, in my estimation, this would be reason enough to decide to become a follower of Jesus.

If you are an unbeliever, an Atheist, what if this "Rapture" thing is for real? You’ve received the warning. How stupid you gonna feel if and when you arrive at that day, and because you didn’t choose to believe, you were left behind and had to face the disasters that will follow, and the destruction of the world as you know it.

The Holy Bible tells us that 1/3 (one third) of the world’s entire population all those who are true "Christian Believers" will be gathered up by heaven’s angels and escorted to Jesus in paradise in the twinkling of an eye.

The Holy Bible tells us that The remaining 2/3′s (two thirds, unbelievers) will face the seven years of the Great Tribulation, and the eventual Armeggedon when Satan, The Anti-Christ, The False Prophets, and their remaining followers still left, will be hurled into the lake of fire, and the last to be hurled in will be Hell and Death.

These are but a few scenarios that could take place on the day that God declares enough is enough, and finally dispatches Jesus to put into motion the beginning of the end, just before the Great Tribulation, and Armeggedon are begun.

As an old acquaintance of mine Hulk Hogan would say; "Whatcha gonna do, when the Great JC sends His angels to run wild all around you?"