The imperial Gujara -Pratiharas ruled from Ujjayini

 Harichandra belonging to the Gurjara clan started his rule from Gujarat in about 550 AD.


Later he appointed his four sons to rule over four regions. Later a member of this family ended the rule of the Pratiharas of Avanthi (Ujjayini region) in 725.


But Harichandra’s son started ruling from Mandok or Mandavyapura and started the Rajputana Branch of the Gujara –Pratiharas. Later he shifted his capital to Medantaka (present Mertha). Bhoja of his family extended his kingdom from Kathiyawad in the west of the river Ganga in the east. But the attack of the Arabs weakened them.


The imperial Gujara –Pratiharas ruled from Avanti Ujjayini and Nagabhata of this family into prominence during the 8th century. He faced the Arabs from the Sindh successfully. He later secured control over the western Gujarat territories. Nagabhata was a scholar and patron of literature.


Bhoja of this line (836 AD) was a renowned prince. The famous city of Kanauj came under him. He also defeated the Palas ruling from Bengal. Thee Arab traveler Sulaiman who visited India during his time call him a great king, having an efficient cavalry and describe him as an enemy of the Arabs. The Pratihara Empire checked the Arab advance in India for almost a century. Due to the pressure of the Chandellas and the Chauhans, the dynasty lost its luster during the 11th century. The famous Sanskrit poet Rajashekhara who was in the court of Mahipala of this dynasty, wrote `Viddashalabhanjika’, Karpura Manjarit’, and Kavyamimansa’.