The Mughal rule started when Babur conquered Delhi

The Mughal rule started in 1526 A.D. when Babur conquered Delhi. This vast empire founded by Babur continued with vigor till 1707, the death of Aurangzeb.

Babur was the son of a minor ruler of Farghana in Central Asia called Shaikh Mizra. He belonged to the Mlognol stock to which Taimur and Chengiz khan belonged. After defeating Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat in 1526, Babur had face the combined Rajputs army led by Sangram Singh of Mewad at Kanwa in 1527. here Babur was victorious. In 1529 he defeated the Afghans at Gogra, and thus Agra and Mewar also came under his control. But before his administrative capacities could be known, Babur died 1530. Babur was a scholar in Turkish and Persian languages and `Babumama’ is his autobiography.

Humayun who succeeded his father Babur, warred against the Afghans, Rajputs and the sultans of Gujarat and conquered their territories. He also captured the fort of Kalinjar in Central India. Bahadur Shah, the sultan of Gujarath escaped to the island of Diu. But Humayun lost in a fight against Shershah Suri, the Afghan leader in 1540. in 1555 he conquered Delhi again, but he expired in 1556. Humayun was a lover of literature, he was also somewhat luxury loving, and this weakness caused his fall.