The Muslim population is like a Cancer to India: Bal Thakray

Pune, India: The extremist Hindu group Shiv Sena’s chief, Bal Thackeray, termed the Muslims of India, a cancer.


Shiv Sena, the extremist Hindu group is a close ally of the BJP (Bhartia Janta Party), moreover, Bal Thakray added that India is the country of Hindus and the Muslims of India are the strength of Pakistan.


Shiv Sena is a powerful group that believes in armed struggle and there are many unfortunate incidents where it emerged as a terrorist group likewise the demolition of Babri mosque, Samjhota train attacks and Malegaon bombings.


However, India has been beating the drum of secularism and democracy for a long time but the unfortunate face of the country is behind the veil that is very ugly and dark.