The Rajputs have a prominent place in Indian history


The traditional values of protecting orphans, the weak and the women and cows were dear to them. They were renowned for their valor and adventurous spirit. Defending those who sought protection was considered as their bounden duty. They god songs composed over the heroic deeds of their ancestors. They narrated them with pride and sought inspiration from them.


The Rajputs were known for their valor and self-respect. They preferred death to dishonor. A widowed woman performed Sati. A sort of collective suicide by those widowed after a war called `jauhar; came into vogue. There were heroic ladies like Nayakidevi and Durgavathi of Gondwana among the Rajputs who led armies.


Lack of unity among them was the cause of the decline of the Rajputs. They were highly egoistic and engaged themselves in constant wars with their neighboring kings. When Mohammad Gori attacked Printhviraj, his own father –in-law Jayachad Rathod did not help the letter.      


The Rajputs encouraged literary activity, both in Sanskrit and the regional language. Rajputs kings Bhoja and Munja were poets. Padmagupta composed `Navasahasnka Charita.’ Dhanajaya who was in the court of Munja wrote `Dasharupa’’’’. Halayudha wrote on metrics. Bhojaraja Suri, Shanthisena and Ghanapala were scholars in the court of Bojaraja. Vakpathi and Bhavabhuthi have already been mentioned.   


They also encouraged Gujarathi, Hindi and Rajasthani languages.