The Rawi Forests Bungalow-Udaipur -Jaipur, Delhi- Agra tourist route

 Half –way between Ajmer and Udaipur, a road branches off from the national highway of the Bhim Sub –Division headquarters towards Todgarh, which is named after Colonel Tod who lived and roamed in this dacoit –infested region for eight years. It was here that a major portion of his famous Annals and Antiquites of Rajasthan is presumed to have been written. Near an ancient dak bungalow lies his house, which deserves to be declared a national monument. The scenery en route is enchanting. If one turns off into the Katar Ghati Road, especially after it acquires a green cloak over the hills after the rains, one is transported into a new world altogether.


The place easily vies, during the monsoon, with the best in the country for its scenic beauty. It leads to the Rawi Forests Bungalow.  The sanctuary suffers for not being located near any airport and for its being far away from the main Udaipur –Jaipur, Delhi- Agra tourist route. But perhaps this remoteness is also its main attraction.