The Solankis or Chaulukyas ruled from Anhilawad in Kathiwad (Gujarath)

The Solankis

The Solankis or Chaulukyas ruled from Anhilawad in Kathiwad (Gujarath). Bhimdev 1022 to 64 AD. Was a famous ruler of this dynasty. He resisted the invasion of Ghazni Mohamed. Ghazni succeeded in destroying the famous Somnath temple at Prabhas Pattan.


Bhimdev’s minister Vimallshah buikt the famous Adinath Jinalaya at Mt. Abu in 1026 AD. Bhiimdevi’s successor Kama warred against the Paramaras and killed their ruler jayasimha 1064 AD.


The next ruler Kumarapala was the patron of the famous Jaina scholar Hemachandra, the complior of `Deshi Namala,’ a famous dictiionary of the Prakrit language. Kumarapala’s widow, Nayakidevi, a Kadamba princess from Goa defeated Mohamed Ghori in 1178 AD, at Gadarghatta, when her young son was ruling.


In the days of Viradhavala 1210 to 50 AD, the Vastupala and the Tejapala Jinalayas at Girnar, those at Mt. Abu and at Shatrunjaya were built.


The last ruler of the dynasty was Karna who was overthrow by Alaud-din Khilji in 1297 AD. Karna had built his new capital, Karnavati (modern Ahmedbad). There was another branch of the Solankis ruling from Broach (Bhrigukaccha0. This was a famous port,, busy in overseas trade.