The Trials Of Amanda Knox And The Roots Of The F Word

“In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds,they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one.”    c1925.


In the course of my article I will have only three main priorities.   I will repeat the word IMPOSSIBLE as many times as I see fit as a homage to the undeniable fact that the allegations of murder against Knox and Sollecito are IMPOSSIBLE.   Secondly I will repeat the word FASCISM as many times I see fit to give my 30 or so readers who are not related to me by bloodline the reason why Italy continues trials against Knox and Sollecito.   My third major objective is to inform the 30 or so of you that all that FASCISM requires of you is to be indifferent.   Obtuse would be even better. Acquiescent would be perfection.  It is completely normal human behavior to do so.   I forgive you.   I can’t speak for Knox or Sollecito but probably on their more circumspect days they will also forgive you too, maybe.   Just submit to Fascism.   It is easier.

It has been almost one year since I became an outspoken and committed supporter of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.   Being new to these trials I don’t pretend to be able to articulate the details as well as other’s who write within these same venues.   In this last year I would find myself on a search to make some sense out of all of this.   Along this journey I would come to recognize that American terms of jurisprudence are the same in print but almost always without exception every one of those terms is not accurate to it’s Italy counterpart.   The original prosecutor Guiliano Manini who under the Italian system would assert his prerogative to personally supervise the entire police investigatorial process and would go forward into the trial to win guilty verdicts with singularity and purity.   It had appeared that he would get everything that he would choose to pursue.   It would make these verdicts miraculous because the allegations were so extremely unbelievable as to assault any definition of sensibility.    And he had help from his employees.   And this is one of the reasons I chose to include the quote from Mein Kampf at the beginning of this article.

The appeals trial that followed would demonstrate an old axiom of life anywhere.   If something seems too good to be true it probably is too good to be true.   A peer review of the physical evidence which was not allowed in the first trial would demonstrate logically that the involvement of Knox and Sollecito was impossible.    I repeat… IMPOSSIBLE.   So it would be substantiated that Manini had lied and lied large holistically, or “on the whole”.   But the memory of these and a plethora of other salacious conjectures mired in the court proceedings and in the press and public memory still lives on today years later like the muscle memory of learning how to play a basic chord whether it be by string or keyboard.   And for some reasoning within many human beings these conjectures must be believed probably because they are so unbelievable.   And by now it’s just by habit.

The simple truth is that it is impossible to clean two sets of DNA while leaving a third set.   It is also impossible to fail to leave evidence of the cleaning agent used for the impossible cleaning.   But these simple realities are too simple to be believed and therefore they are not believed because if these realities were true then there would have been no need for a trial.   It is a simple construct.   It is the same reasoning as “where there is smoke there is bound to be fire”.   All that will be required to continue the status quo of these trials and of these realities is for the jurisprudence of Italy to continue to feed conjecture for the health and well being of the original unbelievable assertions that are now becoming forgotten by time.   But the guilt lives on.   And then Italian truth will prevail in purity.   And I believe that the early twentieth century Italian invention called Fascism will prevail as well.   And only because of the enduring truth and reminiscences of the  “smoke”.

A small amount of study demonstrates that Fascism is not a German idea but it is originally a political strategy of Italy that developed as a result of World War One.   Mussolini in fact proclaimed that he had invented it.   History proved that was not completely true but the fact remains that Mussolini was a progenitor.   It should be noted that Italian Fascism of that period was not the same of German Fascism.   The Italian version was moderated with democratic elements to soften Fascism’s unrelenting nature.   Then when it was strong enough it broke those agreements.   Basic Fascism is simply put the concentration of a governments natural bureaucratic systems focused in support of a singular doctrine or leader.   By it’s doctrine it oppresses any opposition to it’s ideas for the sake of efficiency and purity.   Unrelenting support of the singular doctrine takes precedence over any other priority including religion, morals or truth.   Fascism depends on being self aggrandizing.   As Knox’s parents await their perpetually changing court date for libel for repeating what their daughter had told them,  they would personally face a rule of Fascism that Fascism needs to attack objections to itself for itself.   According to Mussolini liberalism is Fascism’s foremost enemy.   Therefore America is Fascism’s foremost enemy.   As I attempt here to assert that elements of Fascism are probably integral with Italian socioeconomic structure I am not suggesting that it is an official modern day credo.   I think it exist in the shadows of a modern day Italy that is confused in it’s national identity (I hope).   As political and social standards naturally sway and oscillate it is possible the conditions of these trials and the circumstances leading up to them against the American girl promoted a Fascist leaning or condition.   And a national identity in confusion can’t reconcile the difference.    I say confusion based upon many current statements by Italians documenting a division or social separation between rank and file Italians and their government.

These trials are not complicated.   A few items that justify Knox And Sollecito are…   abhorrent national propaganda for over a year before the first trial,   pure salacious conjecture presented as evidence, mishandled physical evidence, destruction of probably vindicating physical evidence many times over, investigating to the point of conjecture then abruptly stopping so not to risk uncovering anything exculpatory, perjury committed by Italian investigative experts gone undisciplined.   One of the simplest truths is that the allegations of murder against Knox And Sollecito is IMPOSSIBLE.   It is IMPOSSIBLE to clean two sets of DNA and leave a third set and the fact that no physical evidence of a cleaning agent exist just supports this.   This is why the peer review of the physical evidence is so important.   Pretending now that because of this latest trial that that peer review of the appeals trial no longer exists will not change the fact that it does.   The truth is so simple yet it can not be visualized in the shadow of the “Big Lie”.   As time marches forward Italy looks less inept and more charlatan.

I lament in the timing of the birthday of the ideology called Fascism invented by Italians of the era of about 100 years ago.   It now attempts to move to the shores of a liberal America that is just about a decade away from celebrating it’s 250th birthday.   We have our birthday that will be focused on celebrating freedom and therefore love and they will have their birthday focused on celebrating hate.   Our coming national discussion will be whether to allow extradition of Knox.   The many within the mass of my country will believe in their hearts as I do that if the murder of Meredith Kercher had been committed here in the USA her assailant would have been brought to justice without all the investigative, propaganda and political shenanigans that in the grand overview only served to defile the victim’s tragedy.   It is incumbent upon Italy to explain why Italy does what Italy does.   And as far as I am concerned Amanda Knox currently resides in the non-extradition country of her home called the United States Of America.   I know that in this upcoming national decision we will honor the deceased because we are the oldest singular civilization known to human kind and we are we are completely  free to decide what is right and honorable.