The Zawlbuk was similar to the old `Kalaris’ of Kerala.

 In olden days, the Mizos had a institution called `Zawlbuk’

It was a dormitory for all the unmarried men and boys of the village. The inmates of the Zawlbuk were generally very noisy and the Chief alone admonish them. Games were played, wrestling was indulged in on a large scale, and physical fitness was at a premium. The Zawlbuk enabled the Chief to summon all young men for the dance of the village against any surprise attack. In some ways, the Zawlbuk was similar to the old `Kalaris’ of Kerala.


The Garos have a similar institution, `Nokpante’, which flourish in some parts of Garo hills even today. The Zawlbuk was not favored by the missionaries and it disappeared from before World War II.


The Mizo society has always been egalitarian. Even the chiefs were not particular affluent. The average Mizo is no respecter of persons and his disparaging humor may not spare even the rich and the powerful. In fact, a sense of humor, along with the ability to sing, dance and make speeches, is the most widely shared quality of the Mizos.