There Are People Who Sell Their Health For Wealth

Commentary: Some people who are asked this question, "Is your wealth more important than your health," and they’ll reply by saying wealth is more important to them? Many of these people are young and they believe they have many years to live and they choose wealth. 

I don’t believe these young people have given any serious thought to their choice and they end up getting a big surprise at a ripe young age in their life. When people do not take their health seriously, they’re usually the ones who end up with serious health problems.

During my lifetime I’ve considered my health as a companion in my life; it has been my motivator, initator, granting ability to fulfill commitments and goals, granted me the agility and a will to achieve, and many other requirements I needed to live a successful and healthy life. Life is hard enough without having health issues.

People who suffer from poor health never know what their tomorrows will bring. When a person is in poor health, they suffer and they’re not able to perform and fulfill their intended goals in their life. It’s important for the young and aged to realize health is vital in their lives; and it’s wise for them to seek professional medical advice when they’re suffering from any health issue. Many times a person will refuse to seek a professional’s advice until the health issue has become a major health problem.

People cannot buy good health and it cannot be given to a person by a doctor or bought at a drug store. There are many ailments that can shut down a person’s life quickly and rob them of their ability to work. A person should take care of those nagging health issues as soon as possible and not prolong a doctor’s visit. 

There are people in our society who have been robbed of their eye-sight, their hearing ability, etc., because they let a minor health problem go unchecked. Don’t take good health for granted because a person’s life can be changed in a flash. 

I believe young and older people "should not" strive to achieve wealth over their health. If a person is tired and overworked or they have a serious health problem and they continue to work, they’re asking for serious medical problems. 

Once a person’s health is gone, money cannot buy it back nor have it restored. People certainly cannot bring back their youth either because time cannot be reinstated either.

I’m writing this article in hopes that people who continue to work when they’re burnt-out or have not taken the time to have a medical problem checked-out that they’ll get a physical check-up to avert more problems. 

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and she wrote this article because there are so many young and older people who don’t take their health seriously.