Three Shades of Green

Three Shades of Green
Author: Manasa Rachapalli
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310337
Pages: 167
Price: Rs. 195.00

Three Shades of Green has been written taking into consideration different perspectives of human life.
The three stories ‘Sandy and Pearl’, ‘A Fine Line’ and ‘Peetam’ have different storylines about different protagonists set in different situations of human life.
Underlying each story is a message, which is conveyed in a subtle manner throughout the stories. Critical issues, like female foeticide and dowry, have been taken up in the first story very beautifully.
The second story talks about love, betrayal and a fine line between love and selfishness.
The third story ‘Peetam’ talks about the immortality of the human soul.
Three Shades of Green is a beautiful presentation of feminist literature interspersed with wonderful emotions of the human mind; the characters are so real, that you would often mistake them for real life people.
The challenges before two women, each confronted with a different problem, how a person in love crosses the fine line between love and selfishness and the invincibility of the human soul presented through use of simple language and a mature style makes all these stories worth reading.

Three Shades of Green

Emotionally charged storybooks portraying love, selfishness, betrayal etc. have always been popular with the youth everywhere Curiosity about what lies ahead, or the path the story traverses attracts their young minds. If such is the case with you, here is a book that will tease your most fertile imagination. A truly unforgettable and un-put-down-able book right from start to finish.
‘Three Shades of Green’ is a work of fiction carrying three true-to-life stories symbolizing life in different hues, contexts and textures. We all know ‘green’ represents ‘life’. Each story is materially different from the other in its setting, relationships, emotions and outcomes. The characters, no hero or heroines but ordinary humans, face everyday situations in a way that shows human frailty – strong at one moment, and weak at the other.

The first story -Sandy and Pearl- involves two friends, both women facing different set of circumstances. They are ridiculed by family and society, face the troubles and move on their chosen courageous paths. The story heralds the inner strength of them. The idea to write this piece originated when, in the words of the author, ‘I heard the news of nearly twenty foetuses having been found in a well in a doctor’s backyard’.

The second story of the book – A Fine Line- in contrast to the first one is about the inability to harness inner strength when needed most, which in hindsight, we admit as one of the weaker moments of our life. The story interweaves impulsiveness, erratic choices, and above all, betrayal, all in the name of love.

The last story, Peetam, is a suspense thriller with magic, miracles, and near personification of soul carried in tow. It revolves around a single line from Bhagavad-Gita, which describes the importance of a soul and its immortality.

The book is Manasa Rachapalli’s debut work in fiction. Though fairly young in age, she has acquired a considerable experience in writing and copyediting. An active blogger, poet, and above all, a dancer, Manasa is currently engaged as a technical writer in one of the largest IT firms in the world.

Three Shades of Green
Format: Paperback
Author: Manasa Rachapalli
ISBN: 9788122310337
Page: 167
Price: INR 195
Publisher: Cedar books
Edition: 2008