Trading paddy in Andhra Pradesh

 Paddy is extensively cultivated all over the costal plains especially in Krishna district. Kurnool district is in Royalaseema. It is famous for Sona masury rice.   


Most of the lands, especially in the low areas (Pallam) are sown with paddy. The nursery for the paddy monsoon crop called Salva is sown and transplanted in the months of June / July usually grows high yield paddy varieties.


Transplantation is still mainly done by women and harvesting too is done by men and women together.   


Paddy cultivated in Andhra Pradesh is mostly sold in the market and farmers keep only a small share for their own use. A considerable amount of paddy produced by small farmers like Shanti is used for their own consumption. Large farmers sell most of their produce in the markets.


Andhra Pradesh farmers sell early three-fourth of their harvests within the village and one-fourths in AMY. Big farmers sell in AMYs. These farmers own vehicles like tractors which reduce their transportation.     


In villages, many kinds of traders procure paddy-landlords, brokers and small rice mill owners. In most occasions, farmers like Sivaiah and Ramayya with a few acres of land are bound to sell only to these traders as they borrow money from them.  


Once a farmer borrows from them, he or she has no option but to sell only to them at the rate they quote. Paddy traders not only pay lower price but also under weigh in different ways. They also charge commissions of different kinds. Many of these farmers get delayed payments. Since these traders and landlords lend cash in desperate times, farmers do prefer to sell their paddy to them.