Travel Louisiana: Avery Island

If you come to the beautiful state of Louisiana you and your guests will have the chance to explore the culture, heritage, cuisine and more. You will find that is a very unique place. Restaurants serve delicious Creole and Cajun cuisine. If you ever tried Tobasco sauce then you will certainly know that it is made in Louisiana. Avery Island is home to tobasco sauce. Avery Island is also home to the Jungle Gardens. Tobasco sauce is what gives Louisiana food a great flavor and a very distinct taste. Tobasco sauce comes available in seven delicious flavors that range from mild to hot and wild. This sauce has a long history behind it’s name that dates back to 1868. In Louisiana, you will find this sauce being sold in most stores and served in almost every restaurant.

Avery Island has a lot to offer you and your guests. You can come and take a tour and learn more about the famous Tobasco sauce. Jungle Gardens offer much natural beauty to nature lovers and it is a place that you will not want to miss. Come taste the unique flavor of the South and you will really be glad you did.